happy new {*fiscal*} year!


Yikes!  I have been slackin’ on the bloggersphere!  :/  I’m sorry.  Saawwww-rreeee… {insert Joey Tribiani finger quotes here}  Not a good way to close out a year by leaving you hanging… that said, it’s a new year and I’m back.  I’m sliiiiightly late to the Resolution bandwagon, but given my recent fail to my blogger duties I think it’s time I get my act together.  As a tried + true procrastinator I’ll resort to the defense :: it’s better late than never.  And actually… if we call these new fiscal year resolutions then I’m not late at all (Target’s fiscal year starts first week in Feb).  I’m a few days early – ha!  🙂 So with that, I’ll leave you to my Buyer’s Resolutions for fiscal year 2013.

Resolution #1 :: Listen More. 

Yes, I know.  I talk a lot.  I’m chatty, I’m ENFJ, and sometimes words come out of my mouth and they just keep going.  There are pluses + minuses to being verbose.  In the buying world, it allows me to build relationships, clearly communicate my needs + strategy, and provide direct feedback in a timely manner.  But after a year of negotiating and making business decisions, I realize there is an art + grace to listening.  Some of the most admirable leaders I’ve observed are the ones who speak less and speak later.  My resolution is to be thoughtful with my words, take pause before opening up the chatterbox, and actually listen – i.e., worry less about what I’m going to say next and focus on what the other person is saying first.

Resolution #2 :: Take Risks.

I took a lot of risks last year, but mainly because I didn’t know fully what I was doing.  I was treading the ambiguous waters of new buyer territory and had to make decisions every day without knowing the nitty gritty details of the business.  This year I get to anniversary myself – I know what we did last year and why we did it.  I know how to “play it safe” now. I know the tried + true levers that will get me decent results.  But safe is boring and decent isn’t good enough.  This year I resolve to take calculated risks.  Target fosters strategic risk-taking but it needs to make sense and there needs to be a sound contingency plan in place.  I resolve to take some “hand-holding” risks – to loop in stakeholders early {counsel is everything}, make + prove hypotheses, and not be afraid to walk away from ideas when my theories aren’t panning out quiiiiite the way I had anticipated.

Resolution # 3 :: Make Time + Spend Time {with people}

The buyer role is BIG.  You do a lot.  You’re in charge of a lot.  You touch every corner {and there are more than 4 corners in this job… think dodeckagon vs square… corners, corners everywhere!} of your category’s business.  There are deadlines. Lots of them.  It can get overwhelming.  It can get tiring.  You can get behind.  You can feel behind even when you’re not.  And you know what?  The “work” of the job will always be there – no sense in letting it get the best of you. Target’s fast | fun | friendly culture is the perfect remedy for those days when the work feels like work. The entire organization is built on relationships, collaborative thinking, and team –  and I know I’ve got my crabby buyer pants on when I find myself focused solely on my calendar, my inbox, my to-do list {hmm fishy… all those things start with “my” aka another form of “I”…}.  I resolve to take time for others – whether it’s helping someone new, catching up with co-workers, or stopping to check in with what’s happening in other departments + divisions.  It’s amazing how much more productive I can be after a walking status, coffee break, or checking out what’s new in the store with a fellow Targeteer.

And last but not least… I resolve to blog more.  Or blog on time at least 🙂  My blogging days are numbered, at some point I’ll be replaced… so until then, I resolve to be better about checking in and sharing what’s new.

.:: Cheers to a new fiscal  year! ::.


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6 Replies to “happy new {*fiscal*} year!”

  1. Thanks for the view into the Buyer life! I’ve worked as a retail manager for over eight years, and the role of Buyer has always interested me. If you have time to answer me, what steps did you take to get into your position? What do you like/not like about it! Any insight you can afford me would help as I look into new career paths in the retail world. Stick to your resolutions! This year can olny get better right?

  2. Hi Brendan ~ thanks for the checking out the blog and dropping a note! I too was once in retail management … I made the switch into merchandising through MBA recruiting when I was in business school. There are other ways to venture into a career in buying though – explore the careers site :: https://corporate.target.com/careers/ and drop your resume! Favorite part of the buyer role? Owning your own business. Least favorite part of the buyer role? Juggling all the things that come with owning your business. i.e., I lOOOooOoVe the fact that the buyer role is BIG, meaty, and always busy. But you have to prioritize and know how to balance all the aspects of a business. It’s an art + science and not always perfect – which makes it incredibly fun, challenging and keeps me on my toes. Not a gig for the faint of heart! But definitely a gig for someone who loves retail + loves a challenge. Good luck! 🙂

  3. Fantastic post describing the role of the buyer, and the enthusiastic/charming details on the trivial but sometimes overwhelming daily tasks. Ps. Hope you finish that Toastmasters speech!

  4. i can “hear” you through this blog! so fun! you found your calling as a blogger!

    love this: Some of the most admirable leaders I’ve observed are the ones who speak less and speak later.

    so true.
    here’s to an amazing new fiscal year 🙂

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    Thank you!

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