’tis the season…

Raise your hand if you were out shopping with a belly full of turkey + other Turkey Day goodness.

{hand raised}

Okay okay, maybe I wasn’t “shopping” per se, but I was out + about in stores checking it all out and soaking it all in. For anyone who intentionally abstained from the temptation of early Black Friday sales, this probably sounds completely ludicrous. Trust me, I get it.  I have plenty of friends + fam who would think I’m crazy pants for subjecting myself to crowds + mayhem, but I have to say… there’s something thrilling + merry about it all. To me, it truly kicks off the holiday season. I mean, now that I live in the arctic tundra, I guess the barometer could tell me when the holidays are creeping back around again… but my west coast roots needs something a little more overt. What can I say? I’m a sucker for it all. 🙂

So what does Black Friday mean to a buyer? Depending on your buyership, it can mean a whole lot. The entire holiday shopping season can add up to a significant percentage of Tar-zhay’s annual revenue {whoa, whoa, whoa…  fo’ reals… true story} so for highly giftable categories such as electronics, toys, housewares, and apparel, buyers need to be on their A-game to deliver on the Expect More, Pay Less promise.

And what about the categories that aren’t so seasonal? Well, in a sense they still are – holiday shopping brings in a ton of foot traffic so buyers for commodity goods adapt + adjust their assortment + promotions to cater to the shift in shopper mindset. Makes sense right? For a lot of the country, the holidays = more house guests, more cleaning, more entertaining, more baking, more time with others… and now that the majority of our stores have PFresh {our fresh food + grocery strategy} layouts, the guest can truly do more in one store. So even though toothpaste and wastebaskets aren’t on the top of gift lists, they’re still on a list and it’s the buyer’s job to make sure we’re in-stock, offering a curated choice of the best, and delighting the guest with some special uniqueness that looks + feels like “Tarzhay”.

My delightful finds on Thursday night?


I mean, I can’t even eat cheese {lactose intolerant, what can I say…} and I still found myself coo-ing over those li’l spreaders… love. them. {See?  I told you… I’m a sucker.}

Anyways, it’s official – Black Friday has come  gone. Cyber week is in full throttle. Tis the season of cheer | merriment | and really amazing shopping in the small appliance aisles of Target… jus’ sayin  🙂


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  1. i fill like im a good team player and my work skills are good for target ..

  2. love this blog jess! and LOVE all things orla kiely — thank you for bringing your joy & spirit to these blogs!

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