The ABC’s of Target Pharmacy: Q is for Q-Tips

What do cotton swabs and blood pressure medication have in common?  Quite a bit if you think of them as items that have to be stocked in Target.  So, who takes care of refilling these items once they sell out?  We have an awesome restock team that takes care of everything out on the floor, while the pharmacy team is in charge of restocking all the prescription inventory.

Target has a whole department that takes care of stocking our shelves, ironically enough called the “in stock” team.  This awesome team really takes the pressure off the pharmacy, which frees up time for us to do what we do best-help our guests.  Some retailers put all the pressure on the pharmacy team to keep the over-the-counter merchandise stocked, but not Target.  Also, Target’s system is great in that we are able to do a look-up on any item at any register to see if there might be more in stock in our backroom.

Let’s say we’ve had a run on Q-Tips, and a guest needs 20 boxes more. We are able to quickly determine whether there is an extra case in the back room.   It only takes a matter of minutes before one of our hard working in stock team members pulls the Q-Tips for our guest and brings  it out to them, saving us from having to run to the back and search the shelves.

Now to that quinapril (blood pressure medication).   We love that our wholesaler delivers to us each and every weekday. , We are able to order just about anything and have it the next day for our guests.  For example, one of our guests might be going overseas for a year and needs 365 quinapril to control his blood pressure.   It still amazes me that we are able to order his quinapril at 6:30pm on a Tuesday and have it delivered by noon on Wednesday.  That’s what I call service!

So, the next time you find an empty spot for merchandise you are needing, stop by the pharmacy.  We will be happy to research it for you and give you an answer.  You never know when you might need 20 boxes of Q-Tips or a year’s supply of quinapril!

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