All is Bright

Every year during the holidays, the marketing team gets to see much of our hard work finally come to life in our stores, online, in print ads, and on TV.  From the sparkling and festive signage in store, to promoting holiday items such as the Target exclusive white chocolate peppermint M&Ms (yum!), to special holiday events, guests are guided through the both exciting and stressful holiday season – all with the help of various groups from Target’s marketing department.

This season especially, we have much of which to be proud.  We’ve entered some exciting territory, including last month’s story-within-a-story on ABC’s “Revenge”, modeled after the show itself.  The five long-form commercials included designer pieces from the highly anticipated Neiman Marcus and Target holiday collection, which launched on December 1st in stores and online.

You’ll notice that these ads speak to the “Expect More” side of our brand promise, delivering on the chic appeal that Target is known for.  However, our teams never forget the following two words, “Pay Less,” as we know our guests desire our products to also be affordable and fit into their lifestyles.  This is why  marketing messages this holiday also speak to things like the Target REDcard (extra 5% off of all purchases, plus free shipping on!), giving our guests one more reason  to know they can trust the Target brand.

While the above examples are some of the most visible projects from our marketing teams of late, there is tremendous work that goes on behind the scenes as well.  As we speak, many groups are working hard to track and analyze how this year’s promotions are going, and already making changes to next year’s plan.  Guest Insights is one of those teams, gathering copious amounts of feedback from our guests on their holiday mindset, expectations, and shopping experience.  Understanding both the positive and the negative is key to continuing to improve our brand and meet the needs of the most important part of our company – our guest.

Take a listen to our new CMO, Jeff Jones, give more insight on our brand promise, how marketing works alongside other teams at Target, and where marketing’s priorities will be focused in years to come.  (PS – the Target store shown in the video?  That’s just steps away from the headquarters offices!)

Happy holidays!

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