… and the results are in. (part 2)

For those of you who keep up with my incredibly fascinating blog about the interesting life of a Business Analyst at Target, my last post included common questions about the job as well as answers from 7 different Business Analysts at Target. Below is part 2 with even more questions and answers from our panel. Hopefully this helps you not only have more success in interviewing with Target, but also in understanding what the job entails!

The Business Analyst Panel…

  • Kacie– Newborn/Infant/Toddler Apparel (Target.com)
  • Patrick–Special Sizes: Plus, Petite, Maternity (Target.com)
  • Alissa– Produce – Main Vegetables (Target Stores)
  • Zach– Entertainment (Target.com)
  • Lexie– Lawn & Garden and Pets (Target.com)
  • Will– Patio (Target.com)
  • Amanda (ME!)– Baby Care (Target.com)

The Questions…

Biggest surprise about the job:  

  • “The wonderful friends I’ve made!  Target has the best talent around and I’m lucky to work with such great people every day!” –Kacie
  • “How much I would learn about women’s clothing.” –Patrick
  • “How invested you can become in your business.” –Zach
  • “That you receive so much responsibility upfront. Also, how much feedback you receive and that Target ensures you receive. It’s shocking at first, but ultimately it’s to help you grow as a BA and professional at Target.” –Lexie
  • “The amount of responsibility and control for your business right out of the gate.” –Will
  • “Coming straight from college the biggest surprise was that working can be fun!” -Amanda

 Most interesting thing about the job:

  • “Overall, just getting to know my team! They are awesome and one of the main reasons I love coming to work every day.” –Alissa
  • “For me, the job never gets boring because there is always something new or interesting changing or popping up.” –Patrick
  • “Getting to watch movie trailers and reviews and actually use that to influence business decisions.” –Zach (Entertainment BA)
  • “Planning out a strategy and seeing it supported and brought all the way through to execution.” –Will
  • “Getting to meet with all of your vendors to see the new innovations everyone brings to the table.” -Amanda
  • “National meetings, FFF events with your team.  There’s always something to look forward to.”  –Kacie

Tips for interviewing with Target:

  • “Tell concise, and well thought out stories.  What accomplishments can you speak to and quantify?” -Will
  • “Be yourself and prepare well. The interview questions are all about your own experiences; make sure your answers are directly relevant to the questions being asked.” –Zach
  • “Confidence, confidence, confidence!  Anyone can be trained to do a job, so even if you’re not sure of something make sure you articulate your strengths clearly and let your interviewer know how they relate to the Business Analyst role.”  –Kacie
  • “STAR – Situation, Task, Action, Result.  Only have a couple of situations that you know really well and adapt them to each question.” –Patrick
  • “Just be yourself. Target values individuality.” –Alissa
  • “When answering behavioral questions, really focus on the action steps you took in that scenario and the aftermath, for example, “If put in this situation again, I would…” Target culture is very results and feedback driven so focusing on those things in your interview will bring you success.” –Lexie


Tips for succeeding at Target:

  • “Be nice!  It sounds elementary, but seriously, no one likes to work with a jerk.” -Kacie
  • “Be passionate and engaged with your business and your team. Put as much effort as you can into each task and project. Speak up in larger group settings as much as possible. These qualities will help you get noticed and be looked at as a credible BA.” –Lexie
  • “Teamwork is key, evangelize your wins!” –Will
  • “Understanding how you are perceived by others is important. Always make sure you are bringing your best self to the table.” -Amanda
  • “Be open to feedback (good and bad) and learn how to stay calm in stressful situations (we aren’t saving babies, but it might feel like it at times.)” –Patrick
  • “Never be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone.” –Alissa
  • “Be outgoing and make sure you are comfortable with your team. The entire team element is one of the best parts about working here, take advantage of it.” –Zach

 Our panel of Business Analysts has spoken. Be sure to comment if you have any additional questions- otherwise, I hope you learned something new about the BA role and are getting excited about the possibilities of joining this team!

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5 Replies to “… and the results are in. (part 2)”

  1. Hi Amanda it will be a pleasure to work in your departmen Im a single mom with 3 kids they love to shop in target and I love people I have 5 years of esperiances in costumer services,wearhouse,cooking,cleaning,talk to sales,bakerry,floor departmen,front and back,go backs,anything that has to do with the store.

  2. @laura: please visit Target.com/Careers to search and apply for open positions. Thanks!

  3. Hi, I applied two days ago and enjoyed meeting one of the managers and finding out what positions may be open…I am very impressed with the cleanliness of the store and how friendly the associates were to one another. The team approach is fantastic. I personally have retail experience in adult and children’s clothing. Also cash register and cosmetics experience.

  4. Loooking forward to joining the team, orientation is tomorrow! I am a first timer.. a lil nervous Im 54 and am excited, and nervous as a teenager!

  5. HI, I read your post and wonder….is this the same target organization I work for? Seems that the management in our store preaches team work but cares nothing about the team outside of the team making management look good. Does Target have any incentive program for its employees other than the threat of a job? Just wondering for I have offered to write one for our stores that would motivate the ‘team’ members to want to maximize their talents, gifts and abilities. My STL told me that if he needed such he would think about it. In other words he blew me off. I have over 30 years of business experience and NO part of business I haven’t been involved. Thats more experience then our bosses have in life. LOL yeah I’m an old fossile but I have so much to bring to the table that you don’t learn from a text book. Just saying I personally like the overall view of Target but its NOT being implimented in our store. Unless of course you are in the higher management circle.

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