Test your strength!

We enjoyed the last of the warmer weather as a team with an outdoor carnival! Our Events Committee brought together classic carnival food and games for a fun team event. We had a great time eating popcorn, snow cones, and nachos while engaging in some friendly competitive games: speed pitch, high striker to test our strength and other lawn games. I was able to talk with one team member after the event and I asked her a few questions about what she thought of the carnival.

Q: What was your favorite part about the FFF carnival?

A: Getting together with everyone outside of working to be able to have fun.

Q: What games did you like the best?

A: I liked the strength game. I tried my best to get the highest score.

Q: What food did you enjoy?

A: The nachos were great!

For me, my favorite part about the carnival was the speed pitch game. I challenged one of my team members to a competition to see who could throw the fastest. I let my team member go first. She threw three times and her fastest was 40 MPH. I was next. The first ball I threw hit the top of the inflatable booth before falling to the ground. The tracker didn’t even read a speed! I tried two more times and the fastest I threw was 31 MPH. Not even close! I shared this with the team the next day and they were excited that a fellow team member of theirs prevailed.

Overall the event was a great success. This was a great way to get everyone together and enjoy some fun as the busy fall season quickly approaches!

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  1. Thanks for all the energy you bring to our team Julia. It is leaders like you that inspire our team members to bring their best every day. Keep on blogging – I love reading your latest 551 posts 🙂

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