Never Thought I’d End Up In Minnesota!

If you would have asked me many years ago where I thought I’d be today, it definitely wasn’t Minnesota. I almost always wear a sweater, coat, or jacket — no matter what the season. The thought of moving to a state where snow can be on the ground for 6 straight months? Preposterous! But then, I met my husband in college, a Minnesota native. It must be real love because within our first year of marriage, I found myself making the trek all the way up to the Twin Cities… in the dead of winter. What had I gotten myself into!?

Well, here it is almost 4 winters later (yes, I count the years in winters:-)) and I’ve not only survived, but this Oklahoma gal has really grown to love living in Minnesota!  I learned the art of layering and became friends with my space heater (I bought it at Target, where else?)  For those of you who may be nervous about joining Target because it’s in a northern state, I’m proud to share that in my first years, I decided to embrace the weather and enjoy all the fun winter activities that Minnesota has to offer.  This included dogsledding, cross country skiing, ice-skating, sledding, downhill skiing, snowshoeing, and even an authentic, lantern-lit sleigh ride. I still have ice-fishing and snowmobiling on my list.

And did you know that downtown Minneapolis has 8 miles of inter-connected skyways (the largest continuous system in the world)?  You can live and work downtown and stay toasty all winter!

So now you know why Minneapolis.  Why Target? When I first arrived here, I took a job in private brands with another retailer, and then made my move to Target two years later. Guest Insights at Target was my dream job at my dream company, and I had made it!  Working at headquarters for the chic brand of Tar-zhay made all those years of business courses worth it. I remember commenting during my first week how awesome it was to work with such talented, intelligent, driven people every single day. A bit intimidated at first, I’ve really enjoyed sharing my passion for understanding our guest and building the brand with my network of colleagues. And hey, where else are you highly encouraged to “status” and have “coffees” and “GTKY’s” (get-to-know-you’s) with your colleagues and friends during work hours?

**the photo above shows one of the entrances to the Target headquarters**


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4 Replies to “Never Thought I’d End Up In Minnesota!”

  1. This is exactly what I am going through right now! I just moved to Minneapolis from Washington, D.C. last week, and I definitely never thought I would end up here. My boyfriend is a Minneapolis native and swears that the winters won’t be THAT bad… I suppose I’ll find out in the coming weeks.

    I currently do communications consulting remotely for my company in D.C., but I’m interested in seeing what types of communications positions are available in the Twin Cities. Any advice to offer someone new to the area? Thank you!

  2. Hi Aida,

    Welcome to the Twin Cities!! The winters take some getting used to, but the right attitude makes a world of difference, I promise!

    I of course recommend looking at the communications positions here at Target. Have you viewed the communications careers page or the open positions yet? (Links below) I encourage you to apply online, or sign up to receive email updates when additional positions are posted. Good luck!

  3. (I’m coming from DC, too, but lived outside the city to avoid insane rents.) Leah, you mentioned living in the downtown area and tunneling around the city. Do you have insights/opinions on the rent/size/quality of downtown abodes?


  4. Hi Tim,

    While I myself haven’t lived downtown, many newcomers to Minneapolis do. I can’t speak from personal experience, but there are quite a few apartments and condos downtown and my friends enjoy their buildings, location, and amenities. I did a quick cost of living comparison and it looks like apartment rents are 38% cheaper in Minneapolis than DC — see the link below for more details. Hope this helps!

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