… and the results are in. (part 1)

My oh my… time to see what the Business Analysts at Target have to say about some frequently asked questions! Below are some common questions and BA responses so all you readers out there can get a good understanding (from more than just myself) about why we all love working at Target so much 🙂

The Business Analyst Panel…

  • Kacie– Newborn/Infant/Toddler Apparel (Target.com)
  • Patrick–Special Sizes: Plus, Petite, Maternity (Target.com)
  • Alissa– Produce – Main Vegetables (Target Stores)
  • Zach– Entertainment (Target.com)
  • Lexie– Lawn & Garden and Pets (Target.com)
  • Will– Patio (Target.com)
  • Amanda (ME!)– Baby Care (Target.com)

The Questions…

Favorite thing about Minneapolis:

  • “Everything!  It’s the greatest city!  But I’m biased because I grew up here.  Favorite things: Northeast bars, boating on the Mississippi, the lakes, great people, four seasons (although winter can get a little long.)” –Kacie
  • “There is always something to do…even when we get a ton of snow.” –Patrick
  • “That I can walk from one side of Downtown to the other, and everyone is so nice in Minnesota.” –Zach
  • “I LOVE all of the different restaurants to try out. You can discover some great unknown places with incredible food every day. Also, so easy to enjoy time outside. Lakes, bike trails, snowmobiling, we have it all!” -Amanda
  • “Lakes and wonderful restaurants—always something new to try.” –Lexie
  • “Friendly people, outdoor activities/nature close to the city, and a wide range of great restaurants/nightlife.” -Will

 Favorite thing about working at Target:

  • “The people.  You really feel like you’re part of a team here.  People are always willing to help and everyone’s in it together.” –Kacie
  • “Gotta love that discount, but I would say the culture.” –Zach
  • “The people. Everyone is super energetic and passionate about their jobs.” –Lexie
  • “The fast paced culture.” –Will
  • “I think you may get the picture, but the people are far and away my favorite part of this job. I get to work with some of my best friends every single day!” -Amanda

Favorite thing about being a Business Analyst:

  • “It’s not always instant gratification, but when a strategy you worked hard on finally comes into fruition it’s so satisfying to see how it affects your business.  Business can go from good to bad or vice versa, but there is always something to celebrate.”  –Kacie
  • “Being granted the opportunity to manage your own business while working with your friends.” –Patrick
  • “The amount of autonomy you have in your role is unparalleled to some other entry-level positions out of college.” –Zach
  • “I get to be an entrepreneur of a small business, with the support of a large one.” -Amanda
  • “No day is ever the same. You are always encountering new problems and having to find new ways to solve them.” –Lexie

 Hardest thing about being a Business Analyst:

  • “Knowing when to call it a day-the work will always be there tomorrow.” –Patrick
  • “Working… A LOT!” –Alissa
  • “Learning to not fret the small stuff.  Controlling the controllables where you can and letting go of the things you cannot affect.  Things won’t always work out, but it helps when you know you did everything you could within your control to try and make it happen.”  –Kacie
  • “Learning how to prioritize.” –Zach
  • “Understanding that everything will not get done in a week and you won’t be able to cross everything off your to-do list.” -Lexie

So…. There you have it. Some real answers from Business Analysts across the company. My next post, part 2, will answer questions such as the biggest surprise about being a BA, most interesting thing about the job, and tips for interviewing and succeeding at Target from our panel. Have more questions you want to see in part 2? Post them below for more feedback from our Analysts!

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    Great info. I’m really interested in the upcoming interview tips and how to get your resume noticed. Thanks for sharing!



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