And It’s Time to Say Goodbye

Don’t worry, I’m not leaving Target, but I am leaving this blog.

My Target journey started over five years ago as an intern at headquarters in Minneapolis.  Initially, I was not interested in working at Target, but an opportunity came my way and I thought, “this could be cool for the summer.”  Little did I know that by day four, I’d be head over heels for Target.

One of my favorite things about working at Target is that I truly believe the world is my oyster here. If I work hard, I can accomplish anything.  Sounds a bit cliché, right?  Well, this blog is a perfect example.  We came up with this idea- let team members tell the Target story- and through a lot of collaboration, strategy and partnership, we made it a reality.  This was not a project where someone said, “Sukie, go do this,” but instead through my ability to influence, work with others and sell a great idea, I was able to make this part of my job.

Now, it’s time for me to move on.  Earlier this year, I started a second assignment within Talent Acquisition.  That’s what’s fun about Target…there is always something new- a new project, new client, new partnership, new role and maybe in the future, a new department or area all together?  Target has shown me that if I work hard, I can be whatever I want to be.

And today…that means working on a team member video shoot for

P.S. Look for an upcoming post where you can meet Nick, Talent Acquisition’s recent addition from our Marketing department!

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2 Replies to “And It’s Time to Say Goodbye”

  1. I hate to see you leaving the blog, thanks for all of your hard work and support in making this site great….see you around HQ. 🙂

  2. I wish that I can say that my time working at Target was as great as your experience. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED working there. I like working in the customer service arena. I like talking to people. I really thought that I was doing a great job until I was told that I was not signing up enough Redcards. I knew that this was part of the job and believe me I tried very hard even though my focus was making sure that they had exceptional customer service. Needless to say my time did not last long and that disappoints me a lot because like I stated, I really LOVED that job. I don’t intend to give up because I think that this type of job is my calling. I will just have to look for something that will let me do what I know that I am good at and that is customer service.

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