Work Hard, Play Hard

Whether providing support for or developing mobile applications for our guest, the team members in Target Technology Services (TTS) work hard, so it’s only fitting that we play hard too.  As a part of Target’s commitment to team member well being, we recently hosted a TTS Game Day.   Over 160 team members spent a couple of hours of fun, competing in their favorite board games, table tennis, mini golf and Wii Olympics.  In addition, we had a great competition in Zumba (I did not participate because I wanted to give my peers a chance to win).

As a competition before the competition, TTS teams were tasked with building a mini-golf hole to be used at the event.  The Supply Chain & Guest Advocacy teams came up with a really cool design which set the stage for the highly anticipated Putt Off…People came from far and wide to participate in this event, with contestants hailing from as far as the 30th floor of the office.  If the PGA counted our event as an official Major, I think Rory, Tiger and Phil would have had some stiff competition.  After a few rounds of hole-in-ones, near misses and several ESPN blooper putts, medals were given out to winners.

Walking around the room you could see the teamwork, competitive spirits and countless laughs.    Whether you were looking for some mental or physical exercise there was a little bit of something for everyone.  If breaking a sweat or pulling a muscle was not your idea of fun, you could play Apples to Apples , Jenga or Target Yahtzee.  For those that did not want to take all of their vacation and spend a lot of money going to London, we brought the “Wii Olympics” to them.   Amateurs and professionals took a crack at the various virtual games with their favorite Nintendo characters.  For the “basement legends”, there were table tennis matches filled with trick shots, power serves and the occasional passersby getting beaned with ping pong balls (I wonder if that counts as a worker comp injury).

Clearly, one of the most exciting & fiercest battles was in Zumba Fitness, with everyone grooving to the beats and showing off their best dance/exercise moves.  For those that have never tried the game it looked pretty fun (as I mentioned earlier, the rest of the participants were not ready for my skills).  I could tell some of the people were at home practicing the night before, as they made even the complex moves look simple.  Even my VP got in on the action in the picture above.

While TTS Game Day occurs once a year, on a daily basis you will see friendly competition, teamwork and excitement at Target- Fast, Fun and Friendly is who we are!


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  1. Another great post, Corey. Sometimes as team members we forget how important it is to take time for the Fast, Fun and Friendly events but these events are essential to remain productive. Thanks for the reminder. We will have to see these self-proclaimed Zumba skills sometime soon though.

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