The ABC’s of Target Pharmacy: N is for Newbie

Congratulations!  You’ve made it past Target’s rigorous interview process, breezed through the pre-hire process,  passed your pharmacy boards and have been hired as one of Target’s newest pharmacists.  Now what?

Well, you get to go back to college, Business College that is!  Business College is the comprehensive training program (five weeks for health care) required for all new executives. During Business College, you will attend core classes, leadership training and complete position-based training using individual, position-specific Learning Plans. All new pharmacists at Target spend the first week on the job learning important details about the company along with all of other new executives from other departments. Business College has proven to be a great opportunity to network with other new team members and develop a better understanding of the roles throughout the store.

From the very beginning, Target invests in you and your development! However, our health care onboarding experience rivals others’ in breadth and depth of training. In addition to a comprehensive position-based training program that focuses on building skills and applying your learnings in dedicated practice, you will also be trained in Target culture, business ownership, personal/professional development and what it means to be a leader at Target. You will engage in a blended learning experience that leverages formal training, purposeful on-the-job experiences and devoted trainers and supervisors. Everyone soon finds that these four weeks will be invaluable to your success once you are practicing your new profession on your own.  Also, Target recognizes that based on State Board of Pharmacy requirements, you must complete continuing education credits to maintain your license. As a Target Pharmacist, you will have free access to Drug Store News and Pharmacist’s Letter to assist with these requirements. Target integrates this clinical education into your training through several required CE courses to support Target culture and process as well as recommends CE courses to support your role as a Target Pharmacist

By the end of your training period, you will have a closet full of red and khaki, a network of resources, and the confidence to be a Target pharmacist.

Interested in a healthcare career with Target? Search and apply for opportunities here.

4 Replies to “The ABC’s of Target Pharmacy: N is for Newbie”

  1. I would like to be a part of Target Pharmacy team.

    If i could apply for pharmacy helper- had a course as pharmacy technician. And would be glad to be a part of the team of the pharmacy crew..

  2. I am a Reg. Pharmacist in NYS considering moving to TX. I would appreciate your thoughts on either strategies.
    1) To locate to TX and take a temp position with Target as a PharmTech while studying for the test and applying for reciprocity


    Secure a position in NYS at a Target pharmacy and transfer down after a period of time, I am not sure how easy that is to do within Targets corporate structure.

  3. Hi Howard-

    We are so glad that you are interested in a position on our pharmacy team!

    The best thing you can do is to search and apply for positions at Your recruiter may be able to help you make your decision based on available openings.

    Thank you,
    Elisa & the Target Careers team

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