Pie in the Face

The results were in! In an effort to support the United Way, Distribution Center T551 had Penny Wars. We divided ourselves into 6 groups: 1 for each senior leader/shift group and1 for the non-operational team members. The rules were simple: raise as many points as possible to win. Each group had a collection bucket that anyone could contribute currency to. Pennies were worth one point each, however, larger currency was deducted from the total. The points were added up at the end and the execs from the group with the lowest amount of points received a pie in the face!

When I announced current standings each morning at start up, the team members smiled the few times I said that our A1 shift was near the bottom. I think the team members would have had a kick out of seeing me in the hot seat!

After 2 weeks, the points were tallied. It came right down to the wire and, thankfully, I was in the clear! The B1 shift had the lowest point total and therefore would be the ones to get some pies…in the face, of course!

During the same time, our team celebrated the Olympics with a Fast, Fun and Friendly (FFF) event during breaks a couple weeks after the Penny War totals were in. While we enjoyed Greek food to recognize the start of the Olympics tradition in Greece, the team members from B1 also got a special dessert, watching their Group Leaders (GLs)and General Managers (GMs) have some pie.

In good spirit, the execs suited up in ponchos and goggles and one by one stood in front of the group and had a team member make them wish they put a few more pennies in the jar! The pies were graciously put on the faces of the B1 key GLs.

Although it did take some cleanup, the pie in the face event was a ton of fun! Not only was this an entertaining event for T551, it was also for a great cause. All of the money collected in the Penny War jars was donated to the United Way to help the communities we all live in!

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2 Replies to “Pie in the Face”

  1. I did not wear the poncho or goggles as you see! Oh, and those pies were more so shoved & smeared all over our faces…and up noses! I would gladly do it all over again if it meant our team got to enjoy some more FFF!

  2. It’s too bad that I couldn’t be there. Glad Chris got to take one for the team!

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