Look Ma, I did this!

Listen.  I’m about to get reeeeeeeal nerdy on you.  I apologize in advance.  Albeit, I’m not all that sorry because my blogger prerogative means that every now + then, I get to nerd out.  So there.  Let the nerd fest begin…

You’ve already heard that Target is fast | fun | friendly.  Well the F A S T part refers to a lot of things – some of it refers to retail in general (a much faster industry than product development), some of it pertains to the dynamics of a winning business (you have to move quickly to stay ahead of the market), and some of it is about us – the merchants at Target have a lot of opportunities to try out new positions. We’re often given stretch roles or captainships for the sake of personal development.  We rotate buyerships to keep ourselves challenged and to keep the business perspective fresh.  More often than not – buyers move on before they see their plans + projects fully come to life.  But every now + then, a buyer gets to see their own handiwork unfold from inception to store execution.

This month marks my one year anniversary with Target and the national launch of one of the very first ideas I ever started working on as a buyer.  It’s awesomely exciting.  Hence, my nerdiness.

Get yourself to a Target so you know what I’m talking about.  Make a beeline to the aisles under the big red hangy-sign that says “K I T C H E N”.  Mosey around the appliance shelves and whoa, whoa, whoa: what is that beautiful  glimpse of color + shine out of the corner of your eye?  Why it’s our new BELLA Dots Collection endcap – a new + exclusive line of kitchen appliances designed by yours truly + the small appliance team at TGT.

No we don’t have industrial design skills or know how to manufacture appliances, but we do know how to put our merchant hats on and identify market white space in the hopes to bring newness, style, and purpose to Target guests across the country.  The BELLA launch is the perfect example of identifying a need, seeing an opportunity, and surprising + delighting the guest with something they never knew was missing in their life.  Not every guest can afford the best brands + premium price points we have on our shelves – yet that doesn’t mean they want to skimp on quality and design.  There is a new breed of Millennials and Gen Y’ers who are not necessarily getting their kitchens stocked up from registries when they start to build their first homes (and by “homes,” I’m including apartments, lofts, and condos etc…).  They can’t spend a fortune and they don’t want to buy the appliances of yonder that remind them of their mother’s kitchen – they want something fresh, inspired and of value.  We saw this need and went after it.  Working hand in hand with the folks at BELLA, nitpicking over EVERY last detail such as metallic speck reflection and power button diameters, we came out with a family of appliances that I’m proud to call our own.  I hope you realize that I’m grinning from ear to ear while writing this…

Thank you for divulging in my nerdiness.  Now go buy a slow cooker.  Your kitchen will suddenly be that much better looking.


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8 Replies to “Look Ma, I did this!”

  1. The new appliances look awesome! The Metallic Speck reflection is especially perfect;-)

  2. Perfect for chic dorm style living, especially with a college student budget. Love it.

  3. Looks great! I always find something at Target that is new-unique- and brings an area to life!

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