The best teammates!

Recently I hung 3 posters around the distribution center all asking the same question: “What is the best part about working with your teammates at T-551?” I asked all team members and leaders to write on the poster. We received a wide range of responses and I realized that there are so many things that I really enjoy about working with my team and peers.

One thing that I consider the best part about working with my teammates is the fun that we have together during the work day. One day during start up (our morning team huddle), one of my team members brought in stick on mustaches. I asked if I could have one, and the one that I picked was a blonde mustache to match my hair. I wore the stick-on mustache all through start up announcements, warm up for work, and throughout the beginning of the shift until it lost its stickiness and fell off. The team got a huge kick out of it and we laughed about it for days!

I also really like how my peers are always willing to help each other out. We frequently have group leaders working solo and it is challenging to run an operation along with everything else we do each day. Whenever we have something extra going on during the day whether it be a best practice blitz or setting up for an FFF event, the team offers to help those that are solo. When there are two group leaders in a department, it’s not a question that daily tasks are split up to ensure that hours, training, and other things are completed. One of the best parts about working at T-551 is the positive and inclusive culture that helps everyone be successful!

These posters will be hung until the end of the month and then I will be putting up three more posters with another question: “How have you helped your teammates and made T-551 a great place to work?” I am looking forward to the team sharing more great responses!

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  1. Hi Julia! I enjoy reading these! I’m doing a project/informative report on Target Distribution centers, and I could really use someone like you with your knowledge of this work environment for some questions! Please email me if you get this. Thanks!

  2. Hi Julia! I could really use your expertise of Target Distribution for a school project! Please email me if possible! Thanks!

  3. I worked at Target warehouse for 26 years and it was the best job I ever had. I enjoyed the work and all the people I worked with and for. I started in ticketing, went on out to the warehouse into Shipping and ended in order processing and Stocking.i enjoyed working in all areas.i had great Supervisors and lots of great team members.I decided to retire when my son and his wife had twins!!!. I enjoyed the work, and all the people I worked with,!!!

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