The ABC’s of Target Pharmacy: M is for Makeover

Back in 2005, Target launched ClearRx, the first major change in prescription vials  since the early 1900’s.   When ClearRx was first launched, it was so exciting to be part of such an inovative company.  Pharmacists, and other medical professionals, from other venues would stop by just to check out the new bottles.  It was fun being the most popular pharmacy on the block.

This month, after considering guests’  feedback for the past 7 years, a few changes will be seen in our vials.  ClearRx Version 2 can be seen in the pharmacy starting in mid August, and we couldn’t be more excited!

The biggest change we will see is the addition of PINK as a color choice. With ClearRx, each guest has their own color band around the neck of the vial to help distinguish their medications from others in the household.    From day one, guests have been asking for pink, and I know of quite a few that will be so excited to see this addition.

Another big change our guests will see is the shape of the bottle.  The new design will now stand on either end, as the top of the old design has been flattened out, meaning no more pills spilling out.   The lids have also been improved with the addition of a “click” sound when the bottle is closed, ensuring our guests know it is indeed shut.

Finally, we are seeing a huge reduction in the number of components needed, down from 29 to 13.  The 4 bottle sizes can now be used to hold tablets, capsules, and even liquids, eliminating the need for seperate liquid bottles.  Also, the one lid size now fit any bottle.  Yippee!  We no longer have to stock 3 different lid sizes.  Since our pharmacy is so limited on storage space, this is a huge win for our team.

We are so excited about our new-and-improved version of ClearRx and can’t wait to hear what our guests have to say about it!

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