The ABC’s of Target Pharmacy: L is for Layout

Besides a pharmacy,  I  also work in a bowling alley.  However, it’s not the kind of bowling alley with funny shoes and crashing pens.

Our “bowling alley” is actually the terminology Target uses for the layout at this pharmacy.  We are one of a few remaining bowling alley stores, as Target continues to improve on the designs of newer pharmacies and remodel older ones.  I like to think of the newer stores as “basketball courts” since they are so big and bright!

Since our store opened in 1998, several great changes have been to the newer stores including:

– Doubling the square footage to make room for storage.
– Adding full-sized fridges with freezers to allow for frozen vaccine storage
– Condensing the number of closing gates from 3 to 1
– Including a separate door so that team members can work in the pharmacy outside of pharmacy hours

Updates to the bowling alley stores have also been improved to include:

– Increased computer terminals from two before  to four now, with my favorite being the one by the drop-off window
– Shredding has gone from us manually feeding each page into a shredder to a service picking up our confidential information once a week, saving us hours per day
– Additional dorm-sized fridge for immunizations
– Paint color changed from grey to red to match the store

Features you won’t see in any Target pharmacy are:

– No drive-through; our format allows for more one-on-one guest experience
– No glass shield between the pharmacy and the floor, again improving the guest experience
– No coffee bar or on-staff masseuse…hint, hint!

I look forward to the many changes we will see in the coming years and am still keeping my fingers crossed on the bowling alleys getting remodeled into basketball courts!

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2 Replies to “The ABC’s of Target Pharmacy: L is for Layout”

  1. Another great blog Monica! Keep it up. These are really beneficial to pharmacy students across the nation and gives them great vision to what it is like to be a Target pharmacist. On a side note: If there is a starbucks in your store you almost do have a private coffee bar!

    Looking forward to “M” in the ABC’s! Can I suggest “Recruitment” for R or “School Events” for S?

  2. I think they call it a bowling alley because business is so slow compared to other companies, they need something to pass the time……

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