Smile: Saaaay… Bullseye!

Finally!  I finally have a photo with Bullseye.  Sheesh.  Only took me 10 months… but I suppose every rite of passage takes time.  And a Bullseye photo – let alone a Bullseye photo surrounded by legitimate Target team members (from my department even!) – is a solid milestone.

Let’s back it up.  First off, TGT is a special place to work and because of that (or maybe the reason for that is…) team members stay awhile.  And there are some common indications of people who have been around the TGT block :

A closet full of red + khaki | first name basis with the front desk security team | knowledge of the super secret Caesar salad bar in the corner of the café that has (…wait for it…) *gasp* fresh. grilled. salmon. | cubicles littered with plush bull terriers wardrobed with more outfits than Carrie Bradshaw | and for a select few… a  5 x 7 with the infamous Bullseye.

I never knew where those photos came from.  I’ve seen them in multiple departments…  pinned-up family photo-style showcasing generations of buyerships from yesteryear.  Where did they come from?

And then I got my invite to Target’s Marketing Partner Fair. An annual conference held here in Minneapolis that brings together over a thousand key vendor partners to get a sneak peek into our upcoming marketing programs and campaigns.

It’s a big deal to be an invited vendor – space is limited and the information shared is the sort of inside scoop reserved only for VIPs who have established themselves as reliable partners that Target wants to grow with.

It’s a big deal to be an invited buyer – it means you have vendors important enough to Total Target.  It also means that you get to put your hosting hat on for the day and spend quality 1-on-1 time with vendor reps that don’t always get to hang in the Twin Cities.

Being new to the Marketing Partner Fair, I wasn’t exactly sure what the best way would be to coordinate meeting the multiple small appliance vendors travelling to the Minneapolis Convention Center.  The shared best practice was to set up a meeting location + time for each group … and so looking at the map, I wanted to find a good central location easy for people to meet me.  Hmm… “Exhibit Hall A” (boring…), “Concourse C” (yawn), “Bullseye” (?)… yes, Bullseye.  Sounds like a solid, distinct, less ho-hum place to meet people in my book.  And look at that… location “Bullseye” is riiiiight in the middle of the main room.  Perfect.

Little did I know that Bullseye on the Marketing Partner Fair map was just that – Bullseye the actual pup.  In the flesh.  I mean, fur.  And that line of people hovering near Bullseye?  Not a procession of small appliance vendors waiting to meet with me per my instruction, but rather a line of people waiting to get their celebri-dog photo op.

OOooOoOoh… so that’s where those photos come from.

Hmm… what’s a girl to do in the midst of a canine icon?  Stand in line obvi.

Finally.  My very first Target family photo.  🙂

My cubicle suddenly looks more legit.


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