Resume Writing for Target-ites

You only get one chance to make a first impression, and your resume is the first thing that any potential employer will see. Every company is different with what traits they are looking for in a possible team member and Target is no different. Below are the top 5 things to keep in mind when writing/submitting your resume to Target for the BA position. Remember that this is not advice from Human Resources, Managers or Recruiters, simply the advice I would give from having worked here. If you already have a killer resume that you are proud of, own it.

1) The qualities Target strives to see in their team members is drive, dedication, a team player (very important!), accountability and trust. Incorporate these things into your resume where possible. Obviously as a business analyst you are in charge of managing a lot of money, so keep the analytical side of the job in mind as well! This doesn’t mean you have to be a statistics major. We have English majors, Theatre majors, Business majors, Engineering majors… You name it, we have it. But show your analytical side where possible.

2) Show results! Nobody cares if you were the president of anything if you aren’t able to show the change you made while in the organization. Use action words like created, managed, maintained, changed… to explain the effort you put into your hobbies.

3) Don’t make it fluffy- It is easy to get wordy when you are trying to explain your entire life to a complete stranger you are trying to impress. Stick to the high level description of the things you are most proud of and save the details for when you score that interview. Keep your resume to one page and don’t worry about fitting EVERY past job on there. Include the most recent and most relevant jobs, and choose to talk about the accomplishments that would be most relevant to a career as a Business Analyst.

4) Stick some financial metrics in there if possible- Worried that the $25 budget you managed isn’t impressive to a large organization? Think again! Be proud of what you did and find a way to frame it up in the most positive light possible. How about “Creatively managed a small budget of $25 per semester to provide lunches, activities and learning experiences to the members of the club”. This is showing that you know how to accomplish great things, regardless of the obstacles that are put in front of you.

5) The most basic, and sometimes most commonly overlooked, action is to do a deep scrub of your resume before you submit it. Make sure all action verbs are in the same tense, your spelling is correct, and the punctuation is consistent. It helps to read your resume backwards so you can concentrate on spelling, grammar, and punctuation word by word. It is often the little details that can set you apart from another resume.

So there it is. The wise words I would like to impart on you have made it into the world for all to see. Comment if you have any questions, and above all else, don’t feel like you need to use the above advice to have a great resume. Be yourself, be proud of what you have accomplished at school or in the work world and show Target exactly why they would be lucky to have you!

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  • Avanthi

    October 15th, 2012

    Hi amanda,

    Thank you for the tips and the piece of advice. I always had doubts of how I could put financial numbers on my resume as I dont ve direct sales experience as such. but ur $25 example gave me some ideas. And the fact that i dont need to know statistics to apply for BA widened my scope to apply to Target. Thanks again.


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