“Oh, the Places You’ll Go!”

Target Technology Services (TTS) has 4 core areas:  Infrastructure & Support, Strategy & Operations, Delivery Services and Business Technology Teams (BTT) all of which play a very important role in driving company performance by providing fast, reliable and innovative technology solutions for a variety of applications, platforms and environments.  My four years at Target have been in the Infrastructure & Support organization helping to “keep the lights on” for all of Target’s systems so that you can scan a registry item, swipe your Target RedCard or order that new dress on Target.com.

One of the things that makes Target a great place to work (besides that big gumball machine in the café with the free gum, that cool clock in the Target Hall, etc.) is the opportunity to move around to different parts of the business, providing visibility into vast aspects of the company.  So for me, knowing that we are a retail company I desired to understand what goes on behind the scenes with the technology for our  merchandising business. While I hated to leave all of my old I&S buddies (Don’t worry Jenn(a/y), I’ll be back to bug you regularly) and a pretty cool boss, I decided to take my talents to South Beach…just kidding, I’m not Lebron, I just moved up to the 25th floor of our downtown Minneapolis office.  So on July 16th, I began my journey as a Manager – BTT Merchandising where we design/develop technology solutions for our merchandising partners.

Learning a new role, a new team, a new business and a new leadership team presents a fun and exciting challenge for me.   These last three weeks have been filled with GTKYs (Get to Know You’s) with my team, peers, leaders, clients, etc., reviews of business roadmaps and understanding financial investments for my program.  In such a short time I have learned so much about the cool systems we use to manage Target merchandise and know you would be surprised at how much work and detail is involved in bringing products to our store and online shelves.

I will admit one of the biggest changes has been wearing another hat (Yep, I traded in all those hats from the previous blog for a new shiny one).  Those that know me will tell you that I am pretty high energy and always have a lot to say, but as I take on this new role, I am all ears and my key focus is LISTENING….Ok, ok, I am not all ears yet so I still chime in, give my opinion and ask a million questions as the new guy on the block…but hey I am trying :).   I am so used to solving problems and managing execution that I have to “zip my lips” as my 3rd grade teacher would say and encourage my team to utilize their unique skills to meet our goals.  The great thing is that I have an exceptional team that’s a well-oiled machine so I can rest assured that everything will get done.  They are teaching me the ropes around new technology and processes so that I’ll even ace Merchandising Buzzword Bingo.

As I wrap up another blog, I want to reflect on the title which is one of my favorite Dr. Seuss books of all time “Oh, the Places You Will Go”….I can’t say I saw this role ten years ago, but relish the opportunity as I embark on this new journey at Target.  I will continue to accept the challenges and opportunities placed before me and to borrow a quote from that book….”Will you succeed? Yes, you will indeed. (98¾% guaranteed.)”


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