It’s More Than Profit. It’s People.

One of the first questions Target asked me during my interviews for their internship program is the following: “Why do you want to work for Target?”

I didn’t mention the retail part, though it’s the second most powerful retail store in the country. Nor did I mention the benefits, though Target takes care of us to promote a healthy work/life balance. Instead, my answer consisted of two parts. I wanted to work in a company that cared about people and its community. And I wanted a place to grow and learn.

Today, I got to see both these aspects thrive at Target’s volunteer event at Education Partners, whose goal is to provide underprivileged students with new school supplies. When the Target team and I entered the building, we were surrounded with shelves brimming with new glue bottles, binders, notebooks, etc., all donated from different companies or organizations. It was good to be with Target, and be a part of all the individuals and corporations before us who wanted to help out kids.

First thing we did was run into their stockroom and take inventory of the donated supplies. The logistics interns especially felt moments of déjà vu as we counted and loaded each item into the boxes. Both leaders and interns weren’t afraid to get their khakis and jeans dirty as they blitzed through the backroom.

Inside, I felt a deep appreciation for business. Being there, using the lessons Target taught me about backroom and stocking, made me recognize how much business can help the community as well as build the company.

Perhaps the best and most important irony is this: I joined Target because I wanted to learn. I wanted to give back to the community. By volunteering at Education Partners, I did give back, helping kids who wanted to learn. Just like me.

Thank you, Target.

Post by Debbie,  Executive Team Leader Intern


Learn more about Target opportunities for college students here.

3 Replies to “It’s More Than Profit. It’s People.”

  1. Hey Debbie,

    I’m commenting because this really touch my heart,I’m glad to see and hear that things like this are happening at Target. I’m a fashion merchandising student and Ive been battling with myself on how my career choice can make a difference in our world today. But now my questions have been answered!
    Thank You so much, you’ve giving me so much inspiration.

  2. I’have done my Engineering in INSTRUMENTATION AND CONTROL from P.D.M college of Engineering, Bahadurgarh. And now i m looking for a platform to rise on my feet.
    after all i heard and read i think there is no better place than Target. that is why Target is my first choice in my career.
    I hope there is something in this organization for me.

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