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Engineers are leaders too!  Coming into my interview process for Target I had two thoughts about why this would be a great position for me.  First and foremost was the Target brand.  I knew the Target brand and knew that I would be proud to be a part of a company that shared the same values as me. The second reason was that the position was in a distribution center.  Having studied distribution in my engineering classes I thought this would be a great opportunity to see it firsthand.  I was right about both of these, but I learned something more important along the way.  I learned the foundations of leadership.

From day one I was challenged as a leader.  Target’s internship program allowed me to step outside of my comfort zone while still having support every step of the way.  So looking back what is the most important thing I learned?  You cannot be afraid to make mistakes.  For any other engineers reading this, I know that is a hard pill to swallow.  We live in the realm of numbers and being precise and accurate.  With leadership, however, you need to make mistakes or you will never learn.

Target’s internship program lets you learn from your mistakes and as a result become the best leader you can be.  I was told from the beginning to step outside my comfort zone and trust my judgment.  Those are bold words for a company to tell an intern and that is exactly why it works.  Working with people is not clear cut, right or wrong.  If you are afraid of making a mistake you will never reach your full potential.

So to engineering students my advice would be to join the team and go through the leadership program.  Engineers can do numbers and machines, but the best engineers are leaders too.  Target’s distribution group leader role will make you a better leader and a better engineer.  This is a potent combination to have with a world class organization where the doors are always open and the opportunities are abundant.  This is my experience, but I challenge others to find out for them self and try Target on for size.

Post by Colton, Distribution Group Leader Intern

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  1. I am an engineering major that has just started my DC internship in the E&F department. In the first week I’ve already seen the oportunites as far as leadership manifest themselves as you have said. Its good to know that this is not just a beginning reaction but possibly a common theme throughout.

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