a hunger for FFF

As you walk down the hall in our ‘offstage’ area, you may encounter a small group of team members huddled around a certain communication board.  You may ask yourself what all of the excitement could be about—perhaps some new sales figure or an updated schedule?

Shame on you for being so focused on ‘the business!’  It’s not at all uncommon to see such a gathering of team membersat the beginning of each month when the newly updated ‘FFF Event Calendar’ is posted for the new month.

Take my word for it—the FFF Calendar is one more thing (or celebration) that separates Target from the pack.  Every month, we take the opportunity to unite as a store and celebrate the events that make our team special.  This month alone, we celebrated eight birthdays and fifteen employment anniversaries!  Throw into the mix the myriad of other events we celebrate with our teams, and you’ve got quite a laundry list of things to look forward to throughout the month!

(ranked in order of my favorites…)

–National Hotdog Day: Hotdogs in the break room (and every condiment your heart desires!)

–Moon Day: Celebration of the moon landing!  Apollo 13 screening and popcorn…

–Cookie Day (…you get the gist!)

–Chocolate Day

FFF events aren’t just a part of our culture here at Target—they’re also recognition for all of the feats our teams accomplish!  As a leadership team, we enjoy tying some our more elaborate FFF events (National Hotdog Day) into measureable goals and team achievements, such as departmental sales and (more importantly) service goals.  Our FFF events strike a perfect balance between celebrating the ‘you’ portion of our team (the milestones and achievements that make them special) and the ‘manage your business’ portion (setting and achieving big-picture business goals).

While I wouldn’t want you to think it’s a non-stop party here (right?), our FFF culture and the way we celebrate our teams and achievements help differentiate Target both inside and outside the world of retail.  Does that give you something to chew on?


It’s time to break down some more of those acronyms!

Offstage = Any areas/workspace not visible to Target guests such as offices, break rooms, etc.

Communication Board = One (of many) wall-mounted boards on which communication regarding sales, recognition, volunteer events, FFF events, etc. is shared for all TMs to view,


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