A Few Fears and Triumphs

I have this fear. Big deal, everybody has fears right? But I have this fear. It’s a Monday. No Tuesday. It’s a Tuesday morning, and I’m strutting down Nicollet Mall like it’s nobody’s business. All of the sudden the street starts to crack, rumble and part beneath my feet like a Nicholas Cage movie, forcing me down a deep, dark hole in the center of the Earth where my internship at Target doesn’t exist.

Whether my fear is just Nicholas Cage “films” or living in a post-Target internship world, I have a few thoughts and reflections on my summer here at Target— you know, before I fall down a deep, dark hole or something.

1)  Elevators. Never rode in so many elevators in my life. The ones here at Target are super fast, fun and friendly and require some chewing gum or a nose plug to keep your ears from popping. Anyhow, riding in these elevators has helped alleviate my fear of weightlessness.

2)  Outlook. I’m obsessed. I can’t get enough. I can set up a coffee meeting in seconds. At any given time I can see what ANYONE in the office has going on for the day. My favorite Outlook game is guessing what colors represent what in color-coded schedules of the freakishly organized.

3)  Coworkers. Absolutely love them. The Weekly Ad team has a real energy that can’t be matched. They’re also a real group of lookers.

4)  9-5. It took some time getting used to the big boy work schedule. The first few weeks here I was sneaking off to Target Hall to down some coffee on breaks and stumbling around like a zombie. Now, I’ve got all sorts of pep in my step and enjoy a more structured work schedule than my college days.

5)  Minneapolis. What a cool city. A number of lists place it as one of the top bike-friendly, music and subsequently, hipster cities in the nation. Since arriving, I’ve bought two flannels, a pair of non-prescription, thick-rimmed glasses and grew a mustache. I’m “acclimating.”

6)  Me. I’ve loved seeing myself evolve here. As I mentioned before, I wouldn’t want to imagine a life without my Target internship. I’ve done some growing up, both professionally and personally. My work is stronger and my skills are smarter. I’ve loved the opportunity to work with a world-class team that helped bring all my crazy ideas to life. Success is a rubber band.  Snap. With that, I’ve got nothing to fear besides a status with Nicholas Cage tomorrow.

Post by Lukas, Copywriting Intern


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  1. love this!
    thank you for ALL that you’ve added to the team this summer. we are a better company because you are a part of it!

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