water blitz!

We’re in the midst of the summer heat here in Minnesota. With a week of temperatures in the 90s and lots of humidity to top it, it’s difficult to remember the days of the sub-zero temperatures only four months ago.

With these sizzling temperatures, our main focus here at the distribution center is hydration. Our team members are so dedicated each day and are working hard to ensure our stores are getting the freight they need. Add in some heat and their jobs can get even tougher!

To make sure our team members are drinking enough water and staying hydrated, the group leaders did a water blitz this weekend. We piled onto golf carts, grabbed cases of cold water bottles and visited each team member to remind them of hydration and provide some cold water to drink.

I visited a team member loading a trailer that was going to be delivered to a store and the moment I stepped into the trailer, I could feel that the temperature increased by 20 degrees. I told the team member that I appreciated his hard work even in this kind of heat and gave him a cold water bottle. The team member was so thankful and I told him to remember to keep hydrated throughout the day.

Safety is an expectation at the distribution centers. We do not want to compromise safety for anything and we want to ensure our team members’ health and well-being is at its very best. Reminders about safety, especially hydration, promote our goal that team members will leave the building in the same way they came in.

We all enjoy being at work, but personally I enjoy a lot of things outside of work as well. I’ve shared with my team that I enjoy going out on the lakes on my days off and I would not be able to do that if I were to become ill from not drinking enough water.

It was so much fun to connect with the team members during our water blitz and share the importance of safety and well-being that we all share at this building.

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  1. Team Members love the water blitzes! It is a huge win in the building and a great plug for staying safe ALL of the time!

  2. Hello,

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