Time for a Strategic Offsite

This past week I had my first experience with a team offsite and competitive shopping trip. The difference between this and an FFF (Fast, Fun & Friendly) event is that an offsite is all about team building, strategic thinking and business planning in an environment outside of the office. This was the first time the new Baby Team had been together as a group and we were able to get a lot accomplished in one day. After meeting at Macalester and eating a delicious breakfast of bagels, we dove right into the nitty gritty and started working together to come up with a description of the team we want to be. We were given the task of creating a mission and value statement about how to be the very best at Target.com and in the end the most common themes were: dedicated, trustworthy, smart, fun, great team players. Not only do I think these values make for a great environment to work in, but I also think that they make for a great team member at Target (hint hint).

We were also able to touch on subjects like the things we wanted to start doing as a team, stop doing as a team, and continue doing as a team as well as how we planned to reach our sales goals in the fall (special sales, new launches etc…). Of course we then ate some more food (Punch Pizza!!) and headed off to do a comp shop. A typical competitive shop for a retail business involves going to the stores of competition and looking at how they are doing things and how we could be doing things better. Every retailer does this, which is why the retail landscape is always so competitive! We were able to walk around with our smaller teams and look at things like pricing, promotions, call outs and displays and if there were any great take-always we could bring to the table to make Target.com a better place to shop.

One of the best things about working at Target is that the teams here are constantly trying to improve, not only in regard to working with each other, but also in regard to being the best for our guest. If something can be better, we will find a way to make that change. Not only do I think that is what makes me love the people I work with so much, but it is a great lesson to apply to life as well!

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