the world of distribution, through the eyes of a marketing major

I think that in the world of marketing majors, distribution is probably the most forgotten amongst the key components of the marketing mix.  After six weeks at Target’s Wilton, NY (T579) Distribution Center, I can’t imagine how that’s so. Target spends so much time understanding and striving to satisfy the needs of our guests by selecting the right product for them, communicating it appropriately and strategically pricing it. Well what about how we get it to them?

The past six weeks in distribution have forced me to look at marketing in a completely new light.

On my first day in the DC in early June, I walked into this huge building not knowing what exactly to expect. I second guessed myself before the start date, and asked questions like “Is distribution right for me?”, “Does this have anything to do with marketing?” etc. I quickly became reassured when I experienced the extremely friendly culture, and discovered that I would even have my own office (as an intern!).

I have been placed in the Warehousing Department at the DC where my Group Leaders and I are constantly communicating with each other. The decisions that we make affect the entire building. Not only does our team move freight throughout the building (e.g.: after it’s received from the vendors, or pulling it from the racks to be shipped to the stores), but we also manage the inventory, and process any damaged products.

Who knew I would walk into leading a team of about 30 EXTREMELY experienced warehouse workers (most have been here all twelve years that this DC has been open.) I have made great connections with my team members, and even discovered that I’m considered a “Relates Well to Others” leader. I thought I just talked a lot, who knew it could be a strength?

I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of our Back to School/ Back to College project. When we started talking about this with our Logistics team, I thought- Hey, that’s me! I’m a college student and LOVE doing my back to school shopping at Target. So, I thought it would be a great idea to get in on the project and see how we make it possible for the stores to have such a variety of school supplies, and (most importantly to me) dorm furniture/ decorations available at such a great price.

Target’s distribution mission is: “Drive sales profitably by delivering what guests want” (when they want it, at the right price.) From the eyes and mind of a marketing major, I am keeping this in mind each day at the DC when coaching team members. I want to make an impact during my time here. Not only by inspiring my team members to perform well and contribute to a great team culture, but doing all that I can to uphold this mission and make our guests happy.

Post by Tia, Group Leader Intern


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