The ABC’s Target pharmacy: J is for J.D. Power

Target pharmacies were recently ranked #1 in satisfaction by J.D. Power for the FIFTH year in a row.  I always thought J.D. Power only gave awards to car companies, but I’ve learned they do extensive surveys on all kinds of industries.  Evaluation of pharmacies began five years ago, and I am so proud to work for a company that has won in the “brick and mortar: mass retail” category every single year.   See the press release here.

Of the 975 companies J.D. Power has reviewed, only seven companies have maintained their #1 ranking for five consecutive years.  I am so proud of us!

All of our hard work in the stores has not gone un-noticed.  After Target pharmacies were recognized by J.D. Power, Target execs got to work on door clings, posters, and advertisements that could be seen in all stores, sharing the news about our award.  They also sent out certificates to each store’s pharmacy team, congratulating us on the top honors.

So, what sets Target pharmacies apart, allowing us to keep our #1 status?  I think it all comes down to attitude, both in our team members and our guests.   Team members throughout the store are “fast, fun, and friendly”.  The positive attitude from our entire store team helps the pharmacy by providing a pleasant shopping experience not found in other retailers.

From the moment they walk through the doors, most guests seem excited to be in Target.  Our reputation of providing fun, affordable, and quality merchandise helps me in my job by providing a shopping experience for our guests while waiting for their prescriptions to be filled.   Shopping for pain relievers and bandages in other stores isn’t near as much fun at browsing Target’s seasonal aisles!

So, although the pharmacies were recognized, it took an entire company’s efforts for us to win.  Thanks to our awesome advertising, merchandising, cart-pushing, popcorn-making, internet-designing, logistics-ing, and pharmacy-supporting teams for all that you do!

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