The ABC’s of Pharmacy: K is for Kylie

I have dreamed about going to Pharmacy School since my sophomore year of high school.  The ability to combine my people skills, love of science and math, and my desire to help people had me hooked.  When I was accepted to the Texas Tech School of Pharmacy (class of 2015), I was thrilled.  I think I found an excuse to bring it up in just about every conversation and I couldn’t stop grinning every time I got another email from the school.  And even though I had NO idea what area of pharmacy I wanted to go into, one thing was sure…I had zero intention of going into retail.

Even pharmacy students have their own stereotypes and preconceived notions about different areas of pharmacy.  Logically I knew that retail pharmacists weren’t just standing behind a counter, counting pills, and doing paperwork all day.  But still, where was the patient interaction?  Where was the getting to be a part of a medical profession?  When I took a pharmacy internship with Target, I thought that it was just a summer internship to gain some experience.

It did not take long before I realized that everything I thought about retail was wrong.  Although I am just an intern, I am learning about so many different aspects of pharmacy…aspects that I never even knew existed.  At my pharmacy, guests are a number one priority.  The pharmacists are always ready to ask if guests need help with anything and are never too busy to answer their questions.  From dealing with doctor demands to infuriating insurance issues, Target pharmacists do it all with a smile.  I never realized that it was possible to be in a retail pharmacy, especially not a chain, and have the guests be the number one priority.  However, I learn something new every single day that challenges my original thoughts about retail.

As an intern, not only am I learning the in’s and out’s of the behind the scenes work (taking new prescriptions, filling scripts, helping guests to locate items, etc.), but I am also getting the opportunity to experience the importance of teamwork, leadership, and guest focus.  Through intern conference calls and pharmacy intern activities, Target works to guarantee that their interns are learning as much as possible about the company and what it means to be a Target employee (or Pharmacist, in my case).  The intern/campus recruiters have been with us every step of the way and I know that I can always find someone with an answer to my questions.

So if you ever find yourself thinking that retail pharmacists are just pill counters who try to hurry guests through as quickly as possible you definitely need to think again.  Thanks to my internship with Target pharmacy, I have changed my opinion on the retail setting once and for all…and it is safe to say that a career as a retail pharmacist for Target is now a path well worth pursuing!

Guest post by Kylie, Pharmacy Intern

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