The ABC’s of my Target Internship

Acronyms. Will I ever learn them all?

Bullseye the Dog. Who doesn’t love our mascot?

CEO Gregg Steinhafel. I am so excited to hear him speak in July!

Department 20/25. Women’s Sleepwear and Leg Wear are where it’s at!

Eclock. Punch in and out!

FFF. Fast, Fun, and Friendly is everywhere in the company.

Guest Insights. They provide all of the consumer insights for my project so I can learn about what consumers are looking for in sunglasses and what the popular sizes for women’s legwear.

Happy Hours. Whether with my team, alumni, or interns, it is always a great time to relax after a busy week.

IR. I can’t do anything in my project without it! (Software we use in merchandising)

July. It’s going to be casual. (a full month of the Friday casual dress code)

Kickball. It brings back nostalgia of middle school gym class. Go Close Call!

Lunch Hour. They don’t have to tell me to take one every 6 hours. My team uses the time to discuss worldly topics like our horoscopes, Real World trivia and baby toys.

Mentors and Managers. My mentor and manager have been very supportive of my project and I can tell that they are going to be full of guidance through the entire process.

iNterns. With over 330 of us, it is going to be a great summer as we explore Minneapolis together!

Outlook. Nothing like pressing “Send/Receive” to check for emails.

Project Interns. Adam, Billy, Colleen and I are the leverage interns for IHP/JAS (Intimate/Hosiery/Performance and Jewelry/Accessories/Sunglasses) and we are ready to get into the data to come up with some great insights!

Quarter 4. My team has already placed orders for Christmas pajama sets!

RedTalk. The tool has allowed me to connect with alumni and join groups such as the Asian Business Council. (It’s like Twitter, but for Target team members only!)

Status, Coffee, Water, GTKY. The four different meetings let me get to know my peers as well as quench my thirst.

Target Discount. The 15% discount has led to an increase in my unnecessary purchases.  (10% team member discount plus 5% more for the RedCard discount)

United Way Fundraisers. The fundraisers are a great way to raise money as well as have some friendly competition within the departments. I made Bullseye Cupcakes for our Bake Sale one week!

Value. It’s not just Target Products that strive to be at the top, but every employee is always thinking of how they can add value to their project, team, and the company as a whole.

Wiki. It holds the answers to everything and minimizes the amount of times I ask my mentor a question.  (Think Wikipedia, but just for the Target team!)

eXcel. It is the second most important tool of my project after IR, and my goal is to never touch the mouse again after this summer.

You. Because in the end, Target is all about developing its employees and making us meet our full potential.

Zumba. After sitting for 8 hours, there is no better way to get energized up. And it’s free! (We have onsite fitness classes a few times a week)

Post by Julianne, Merchandise Planning Business Analyst Intern


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  1. Sounds like you’re having a very rewarding experience. Absolutely LOVE the cupcakes, and your creativity!!

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