Learning the Target Language

ETL, LOD, STL, zoning, re-shop, PDA, flexing, DTK … are you confused yet? Don’t worry so was I! Target has its own unique culture and its own language to go along with that culture. Yes, “overwhelming” can be a word I used to describe my first couple weeks as a Target intern. However, hands-on learning, challenging, motivating, and leadership also come to mind when I think of my experience.

I have just begun my third week as a Store Executive Intern, and I must say the “Fast, Fun, and Friendly” motto is represented strongly. I have been accepted as a Target team member from the minute I set foot inside the building. Everyone has welcomed me with open arms and has contributed to my training in the most positive ways. My mentor has guided me every step of the way. She has a wonderful sense of humor and treats me as a true equal.

From only the two weeks that I have been with Target, I have gained a plethora of knowledge no classroom could ever teach me. I have learned the true meaning of zoning the intimates section (three hours and three team members later). I have seen the powerful influence of giving recognition and respecting your team members. I get a surge of energy and motivation when I attend team huddles daily. After spending half of a day in the Target Café and going through a handful of messy pink sticky notes four hours later, I understand the intensity of food and health safety. After figuring out what the terms “hardlines and softlines” referred to, I learned how to read and set an adjacency as well as setting sales planners. I think I finally have “DPCI” permanently instilled in my brain.  I have experienced a smooth sailing LOD shift, as well as a bumpy ride LOD shift (ending in a pile of poppyseed dressing).

No matter what the shift entails, I always learn. My post-it notes are running out quickly, and my notebook is filling up fast.

Post by Megan, Executive Team Leader Intern


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