Everybody Sit Down

If you read my Everybody Stand Up blog, welcome to part 2.  If not, feel free to go back and read it so that I can get some cheap blog hits. 🙂  For the cliff notes version, for the last 22 months I have been working with a great team to implement a new IT Service Management application for Target.  This all culminated the weekend of June 30th.

On the afternoon of June 29 we received a unanimous and official “Go” to commence the implementation process for ServiceNow.  With all of the development, dry runs and preparation, we were all anxious to flip the switch and start the party. On Saturday, at the crack of dawn (that’s around 6am or about the same time my kids are starting to run laps around the house wondering if they can go outside to play, watch a show, eat sweet Cheerios or go to the Mall of America) part of the team arrived in the office to start system checks. Flash forward to 14 hours later and our project team successfully rolled out ServiceNow as our IT Service Management solution! After a day filled with great teamwork, brilliant technical/process workarounds, countless vendor calls, side conversations, frustrated sights, hourly status updates, lights/AC switching on/off, joking around, some of us reliving our athletic school days running down the empty halls, application configurations and all the junk food you could eat, it still was not as cool as the Autobots rolling out, but I think  Optimus Prime would have been proud of us.

The weekend wrapped up with playing tour guide for my contractors in town from California, Wisconsin and Illinois.  It would be a travesty for them not to experience a sample of the 10,000 lakes, creeks, ponds, fishing holes, marshes and puddles so we took short trips to Minnehaha FallsLake Calhoun and drives around the Twin Cities (Must be fraternal twins since I have yet to see how Minneapolis & St. Paul look alike).  After being on this project through last winter I figured they would love to get out of downtown and enjoy the great weather….even though its been ~100 degrees for days, I love it.  For all of my peers complaining about this June/July heat,  I am taking notes so that when it hits -80 degrees in January I can remind you of your exact words.

Sooooooo, over 1 week later things are quiet on the home front, with our application stable,  users excited about their new toy, business as usual for our IT teams and me preparing to officially close out the project.  Next week is our post mortem where the project team gets to come in and voice the good, the bad and the ugly on the project.  After capturing these lessons learned and reconciling the project’s financials we can move on to the next release of this application.

As this project comes to a close, I can say this was a great ride and I attribute this implementation, stability, organizational readiness, etc. to the strong team of Process Analysts, Business Analysts, Engineers, Architects and Managers that supported this 22-month journey.

So, on the count of 3 everyone “Sit Down.” We truly earned it!

With that “Autobots rollout for the last time”…..Optimus Prime has left the building!


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  • Cam

    July 18th, 2012

    It was a blast! Great team to work with, thanks again Corey for the Tour!

  • Scott

    July 19th, 2012

    Great Teams do Great Things and I enjoyed being a part this project.


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