A Day in the Life of an HQ Intern

This summer, I am interning as a Merchandise Planning Business Analyst in the Dairy department. Being an intern at Target HQ here in Minneapolis is an exciting experience – especially when you get to spend each day in a corral with six other interns! Each day brings new lessons to learn, people to meet, and Target company culture to experience.  One thing I haven’t mentioned yet is the eighth member of our intern corral (which we fondly call the Cereal Bowl, as it includes the Dairy and Breakfast interns J) –  a sock monkey named Mr. State. Mr. State is representative from Michigan State University and he has been following us everywhere the past week.  Through Mr. State, you’ll see what it is like to be an MP BA (Merchandise Planning Business Analyst) intern!

Mr. State always starts his day catching up on emails and following up with his mentor. Managing your inbox is a crucial part of being a successful intern, as we are constantly connecting with new members of our team to learn about the full time BA (Business Analyst) role and get advice about the project we are working on for the Dairy team. Mr. State also makes time to call his mentor to check in and make sure he is on track for the day. Our mentor is always there to help us and answer any questions we may have about our project or just life at Target!

Target is a very social culture, and Mr. State takes advantage of this to meet new people every day! One way we do this is through setting up coffees with BAs in our department and outside to learn what it is truly like to be a full-time team member at Target HQ. For coffees, we often go down to the Great Hall and sit in the cozy chairs to have a chat.

Embodying a healthy lifestyle is another important piece of Target culture. Mr. State embodies this by going to the water cooler several times a day to stay hydrated and show off his Target style with his red cup. After a long day of work, Mr. State stays active by going to a yoga class with other Target interns.

Last week, Mr. State had the opportunity to see an incredibly important part of life at Target – giving back to the community. Along with the other 350 interns at HQ, he went to a local elementary school to volunteer. Mr. State did some crafting, creating a memory game for the school children to play.

After an exciting week, Mr. State carpooled back to his apartment with his closest colleague, Bullseye the dog.

As you can see, being an intern (or a sock monkey) at Target HQ is always Fast, Fun, and Friendly and a great program to be a part of.

Post by Kristina , Merchandise Planning Business Analyst Intern


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  • Eeva Hyytinen

    July 2nd, 2012

    This is golden! I <3 Mr. State. Well done, Kristina!


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