Time for the Twins!

With summer upon us, and me having moved to a new team within my department, it was time for another FFF event. For those who do not know, FFF stands for Fast, Fun and Friendly- the motto that Target as a company revolves around. We aim to have all of those qualities when working with guests in the store, shipping orders out of the warehouse, or buying product in headquarters.

One way that my team maintains such great relationships with each other is by trying to participate in monthly offsite events that allow us to get to know each other outside of work as regular people, not just co-workers. Our new team had planned on going to an afternoon Twins game, it looks like I had moved at just the right time! We walked two blocks from our office to the wonderful outdoor Twins stadium, grabbed some hotdogs and soaked in the sun while watching the game and enjoying each other’s company. Not only was I able to get to know my new team better during this outing, but it was great having some time outside of the office to relax in the middle of the work week. In addition, a few of us decided that we will be joining a beach volleyball league this summer to get our game on!

While there are long days and hard work here, it is afternoons like these, with best friends you get to see every day at work, that make you look forward to waking up on a Monday. I have made more close friends here than I did at college, friends with similar interests, fun personalities and a desire to make their mark on the world. I think that is my absolute favorite part of working here, because a job is just a job unless you are surrounded by great people who want to do great things (and have fun while doing it!)

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