stores intern turned headquarters intern

These past two weeks have been pretty overwhelming… moving to a new city, meeting tons of new people, and starting a new 8-5 job.

Back in September, after a previous internship with Target (as an Executive Store Intern) and another round of interviews, I was offered a position for the 2012 summer as a Business Analyst Intern at Target HQ.  The whole thing seemed so far away until very recently when I found myself at the Southwest check-in counter with 5 bags of luggage.  I call it the “No shoe left behind” campaign.

The flight from St. Louis (my hometown) flew by (haha pun!) and I was in Minneapolis before I knew it.  Saturday was spent settling into the Target provided housing at Stadium View Apartments.

The apartments are pretty sweet; there is a fitness room downstairs (which I probably won’t use because I’ll take advantage of the mild summer and gorgeous running trails along the Mississippi river as much as possible), media and game rooms, and lots of space for hanging out with other Target interns.

Since I flew up here, I am without a car for the summer but I am quickly finding that Minneapolis is an easy city to get around in with public transportation.  So far I’ve been able to go to Dinkytown, Lake Calhoun, the Mall of America… oh, and of course Target Headquarters!

Target has been repeatedly recognized for having one of the best internships programs available to undergraduates, but with that comes a lot of expectations and hard work… I love a good challenge 😉  Throughout the internship, orientations and trainings are mixed with personal mentorships, leadership development, group projects, career exploration, job shadowing, and job execution.

This first week there were so many systems to learn, not to mention learning the Target Fun, Fast, and Friendly culture.  After becoming acquainted with the business, MPBA (Merchandise Presentation Business Analyst) interns embark on an in-depth group project to improve an opportunity that exists within the department.  My project involves improving the efficiency of the supply chain of nutritional frozen dinners for “diet season” (the month of January).  I’ve been paired with 3 other fantastic interns to work on this project, which we will present for our director during the first week of August.

When we aren’t working on our project, we will take on the role of a full-time MPBA by attending trainings, meetings, job shadowing, scheduling “coffees”, and learning as much about the business as possible.  It’s a great introduction to the role of a full-time team member.

I’m excited to be working for the coolest (and best!) company ever this summer.  The people here are amazing, and I’m so excited for the weeks to come!

Post from Sarah, Merchandise Presentation Business Analyst Intern


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  • Ethan Willinger

    June 25th, 2012

    I just wanted to say that this is a great post and I can see just through your words how driven and passionate you are to work for target because of the company that they truly are! I just wanted to say good luck with your project and make the best of your internship because you are the future leaders of target! It is interns like you and me that i expect to help bring Target over the top of all competitors by becoming the preferred shopping destination for everyone!


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