Penny Wars for United Way

If you happened to be walking and noticed a penny or a $5 bill lying on the sidewalk and you only had time to pick up one, you’d choose the $5 without a doubt. However, during our Penny Wars for United Way, I would much rather prefer pennies than any other currency!

To jump start our support for the United Way, we are currently in the thick of Penny Wars between 6 groups at the distribution center. Each key (leadership group that works the same schedule) has formed a group and then we also have the senior group leaders as another group and the non-operational executives in another group.

Each group has a jar that is located near the entrance of the building. The object of penny wars is to accumulate the most points at the end of a 2 week period. Pennies are worth 1 positive point each. All other currency is worth negative points and will be deducted from the total.

The winning group will receive delicious candy bars as the prize. The losing team will also get a sweet treat, but definitely not as desirable. The group leaders or senior group leaders of the losing team get a whipped cream pie in the face! I asked my team why there were not as many pennies in our jar as the others and they gave me a suspicious smile…

The group leaders on my key cleverly came up with a strategy that hopefully will put us in the lead. Instead of filling our own jar with pennies, we will evenly distribute dollar bills in each of the other 5 jars. I definitely prefer candy bars over pies!

The partnership between United Way and Target is one that has a ton of history and it is so exciting to be part of the rallies and campaigns each year. Along with the penny wars, our distribution center is making blankets that we will give to families in need in our community. We are also going to be volunteering at the Crisis Nursery that helps to end child abuse and neglect.

I am looking forward to the results in a few days and I hope our strategy works, but if not I know my team members may enjoy seeing my face covered in whip cream! Regardless of the winner, I’m excited to be part of a company that will be donating to an organization like the United Way to help improve the communities we live in!

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3 Replies to “Penny Wars for United Way”

  1. nooo!!! Were you the GL who put a bunch of paper currency in the B1 jar!?!?!? pie in the face coming soon 🙁

  2. I do NOT want the pie in the face but my TMs are looking forward to throwing it! I am glad it is for a good cause!

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