“Hello, do you like my hat?”

When many people think of IT, they think of someone sitting in front of a computer all day, writing code, building hardware interfaces, managing software costs, etc…While those are small pieces of our roles, there is so much more to the TTS (Target Technology Services) lifestyle.  One of the cool things about working at Target is the opportunity to do so many things on a daily basis or “wearing many hats”.

My last week was full of adventures, maybe not as wild as Bill & Ted’s or Harold & Kumar’s but still quite exciting…random thought: White Castle does sound good right about now…Anyway back to what I was doing…

Hat 1: The week started off with final preparation for a quarterly business review with our VP….that is always fun explaining how we are using our budgets and resources to deliver services against the TTS Business Plan.  The metrics were in line with no red flags so that is always good.

Hat 2: Outside of my countless project status meetings, Tuesday offered the opportunity to present a project update at the TTS Project Manager Huddle.  While it is always great practicing my communication through public speaking, it was even more fun was seeing my peers recognized for completing their project management certifications.  TTS utilizes this “Job Family” track as a developmental tool for the various roles such as engineer, process analyst, etc.

Hat 3: Professional growth is very important to me and Target provides countless opportunities for training, career and personal development.   I recently completed the IT Senior Management Forum (ITSM) Management Academy which was sponsored by Target.  Last week I had lunch with my Target peers from the program as well as joined a monthly career development call with my extended family from other Fortune 500 companies.  These sessions provide a great break from the demands of daily project work and allow me to focus on bettering myself and the business around me.

Hat 3a: Development goes much further than programs and training classes as I value my role as a mentor and a mentee with team members across Target.  I had a great meetingwith one of my mentors, Debbie, who happens to be a Director for a key client of the software I am launching this week….it’s always good to check in, get career development advice and talk about Targets expanding business strategies….In addition, I met with a mentee to discuss their career plans and provided advice/support for getting past current roadblocks while staying focused on their overall trajectory.

Hat 4: One of my favorite hats to wear is for the TTS Circle of Champions, which seeks to foster diversity and inclusion across our organization.  Through this program I lead our Train & Develop track which drives programs such as Learning Groups where our leaders complete a curriculum focused on managing perceptions and micro-messages.  We recapped current metrics for key programs and reviewed the plans for a future program rollout, both of which were well received by the Circle of Champions leadership group.

Hat 5: As the Operations Lead on our African American Business Council (AABC), I met with my team to review our current budget, milestones, marketing plans and preparation for the quarterly business review.  The Target Business Councils provide a great opportunity to make connections and build a stronger company with team members from a variety of backgrounds.

 Hat 6: On Friday I paid a visit to key clients at another Target campus. This was a great visit as it’s always cool to catch up with some of my partners, understand what is going in their world and addressing any concerns about an upcoming software launch.  These types of interactions are key to building strong business and personal relationships.

As you can see from these few highlights of my week, every day is different and full of the unknown around here.  While I love managing project financials, resources and deliverables, being able to do “other” things keeps me fresh and challenged…By the way, if you had not figured it out yet, my Blog topic today comes from P.D. Eastman “Go Dog Go”…A favorite book that I’ve read to my son countless times before bed.


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  • Jenna

    June 29th, 2012

    So many hats and you wear them all so well. Corey, you are a prime example of what Target looks for in an employee. You are ready to take on new challenges, stretch yourself, and most of all give back. After looking at this list, I wonder if you have a clone somewhere 🙂


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