Kicking off the field internship program!

This past Monday morning was no ordinary day … it was a day our campus recruitment team has been eagerly anticipating and preparing for over the last several months. Our recruiters have been dedicated and passionate about pursuing top talent across several college campuses within the U.S. this past fall and spring to find the best interns for our Stores, Pharmacy and Distribution Centers. As a sea of red and khaki streamed into the intern kickoff room for the Midwest, we all couldn’t help but feel excited and energized!

Our internship program for Stores, Pharmacy and Distribution focuses primarily on leadership development and providing a realistic job preview into our entry-level leader roles. It was amazing to meet so many passionate interns – whether they were returning or new – start their 10-week summer experience. Many of our field leaders also attended to welcome our interns and provide insight, support and guidance to the newest additions to our Target team.  The key message from our leaders was “we’ve hired you as an intern because you are already leaders – so make the most of the experience and take initiative. We are invested in your development, growth and opportunities here.”

Each district also had an opportunity to put together a brand presentation to highlight each team’s mission, values, diversity, community focus and goals. Let’s just say we had a Twitter spoof, completed the wave and did the dance to Carly Rae Jepsen’s song “Call Me Maybe.” Clearly, we are dedicated to our fast, fun and friendly culture!

After a day full of team bonding, laughter, insight and direction, our interns set out on their leadership journey. Over the next several weeks, each intern will train and shadow one-on-one with a mentor, learn more about our operations, engage with our Target team members and leaders, focus on development and begin leading the business.  It’s going to be a great summer at Target!


Learn more about Target opportunities for college students here.

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