Everybody Stand Up

Picture it: 8:30 a.m., every Monday through Friday since July 2011, a quiet conference room is quickly brought to life with the sounds of …”Who’s on the Bridge?…beep beep, beep beep,” “You said this would be complete yesterday,” or “I need to test the Web API.”  Ok, now imagine a Saturday TV marathon of “Groundhog Day,” “Office Space” and a “Star Trek Convention Documentary”… If you are still with me and did not close the browser or click on another Target Pulse Blogger, welcome to the world of Agile Project Management.  Daily standups, sprints and burnup charts are only a few tools of the trade I am using to manage the implementation of a new IT cloud solution for Target Technology Services (TTS).  In case you did not know, TTS is where all of the cool engineers, architects, business analysts, process analysts, managers, etc., hang out behind the scenes developing applications for our Target guests.

Target thrives on collaboration and teamwork, two words that exemplify the relationship of my great project team.  Even with our aggressive timelines and learning curves, it’s normal to see the group picking each other’s brains, lending a hand to complete a task and volunteering to take on something new.  I can definitely say having a team of smart, motivated and flexible people makes my daily job fun and challenging.  Through all of our unique personalities, styles of work and “quirks,” we find ways to work through obstacles.  I love to do small things to motivate and recognize the team, whether bringing donuts and coffee … handing out the “Top Sprinter” trophies … or simply saying “thank you.” So whether the Engineers/Architects are talking about java scripts, SOAP files and the “Iridium PU-36 Space Modulator” … the Business Analysts are talking about testing use cases … or the Process Analysts are trying to figure out to train their clients, we all are “sprinting” together to July 2012.

So with only 19 days until “GO LIVE,” tune in next month where I’ll either be celebrating a great project launch or doing some serious “explaining.” 🙂


Interested in a career in information technology at Target? Search and apply for jobs here.

  • Wendell Bullard

    June 18th, 2012

    Congratulations Corey to you and your team!
    I know this is an exciting and challenging time for all involved, however the end result will be worth the countless hours and collaborative hard work!

  • Dan Hernandez

    June 19th, 2012

    Oh, so THAT’s where you’ve been going every morning at 8:30! ;o) Great blog Corey. You and the entire ITSMNow/ServiceNow Team have been doing an outstanding job. I look forward to the July 02, “go live”. btw, tell your family/friends all Minnesota winters are like the winter of 2011/2012!

  • Pricilla Cortez

    December 18th, 2015

    I’m trying to find the application for target. I couldn’t find it online. i’ll love to start working there because i heard they where hiring. All i need is to find the application and see if they hire me.

  • Pulse Blog Administrator

    Pulse Blog Administrator

    December 29th, 2015


    We’re glad to hear you’re interested in Target! All of our current openings are posted on target.com/careers. You can learn more about the application process by visiting our career site and searching for positions that interest you, or applying in person at any of our stores or distribution centers.

    Thank you,

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