wait… I get my own mentor??

One great part about both the intern program and the training program is the support you continuously receive throughout your time at Target. Target places a serious emphasis on the mentorship position as it can, quite frankly, make or break your experience with the company. Your mentor is somebody who is there for you from day one. They help you get used to the Target culture, assist you with new systems, teach you the ins and outs of your position, and most importantly, they are a friend that you can confide in about a bad day, tough training class, or an awesome presentation you gave.

My mentor was a great guy named Erik who shared the same entrepreneurial and creative passion as I did. Since we worked so closely together, he was able to very clearly see my strengths and opportunities and did everything in his power to help me stand out from the crowd. It is a great experience to be able to learn things on your own, but such a relief to have someone in the background whose goal is to help you succeed. I had someone to sit with during lunch, guidance in writing my first $50,000 order, and someone walking me through my first vendor e-mail. It was his advice and expertise during the first six months of my training that got me to where I am today.

Being a mentor is also an important role to play as you spend more time working at Target. When you have gotten the hang of your position, your manager may ask if you are interested in participating in the program and being a mentor to a new intern or team member. If you feel ready, your answer should be yes! This is a great chance to show your manager and team that you are able to multi-task and be a strong leader in your position, which is also a segue into more responsibilities and advancing in your position. In addition, when your mentee succeeds, it not only reflects well on you, but also makes you feel very accomplished that you are now able to help someone the way you were once helped.

Both the mentor and mentee greatly benefit from this relationship. I still consider my mentor a close work friend, even though he has moved on to another position in the company.  When you are hired on at Target, make sure to make the most of your relationship with you mentor because not all companies are able to give you such an incredible learning opportunity!

*The photo is of my friend Patrick who was in my training class (on the left) and his mentor (on the right)

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