The ABC’s of Target Pharmacy: G is for Guest Survery

We’ve all seen them ­– you  know, those surveys that print out at the bottom of receipts.  Target is no exception.  If I didn’t work in retail, I would have no idea how valuable input from guests was from those surveys.

Each month, we get a report with the results from every survey that was completed from our pharmacy.  There is nothing more encouraging than reading great feedback, and, on the flip side, negative feedback can be a great motivator to make ourselves better.

We are “graded” in six different areas and are awarded either  red (boo!), yellow (boo!), or green (yea!). You can guess what color we strive for monthly.  The more surveys we have completed, the better our score seems to be.  Lucky for me, I have great support staff among my team that really knows how to encourage our guests to make the extra effort and leave us positive feedback.  Thanks to Anneva, Rae, Emily, and Annette, we have a longstanding green record!

Now that I know how valuable a positive response can be, I try to fill out most of the surveys I receive from other vendors.  Who knows, I might just be their next big winner!

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  1. Target is a great place to shop the employees are very nice and helpful.

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