Hello My Name Is…

I’m just going to say it…  Minneapolis isn’t always on the top of the consideration set when it comes to new cities to move to.  But it should be.  Frigid winters and arctic tundras aside, this place is a hidden gem.   The Mini-Apple might not be as poppin’ as the Big Apple, but it does have all the good stuff a big city has to offer:  access to great jobs + Fortune 500 companies, a thriving arts + culture scene, buzz-worthy restaurants, major sporting events, amazing parks + recs, high-ranked schools + universities, well-managed public transit, and let’s not forget the really important stuff: NO SALES TAX on clothes aaaand a really great cost of living.  Not too shabby, eh?

The funny thing is… all the people from Minneapolis know this … which means many people don’t ever leave … or if they do, they definitely put it on the agenda to come back.  And a city full of locals with adult friends from playground days can be intimidating for new people trying to make friends.  Luckily, Target totally understands this and goes above + beyond to make sure new hires have a comfortable transition and are set up properly to enjoy a new life in the Twin Cities.

A lot of thought goes into role placement + mentorship/manager assignments when you join the Target family – it’s not always a coincidence if the first people you meet have some sort of common thread with you.  And outside the job function, there’s a ton of alumni clubs, interest groups, intramural sports teams and business-minded networks available for anyone to join.  Like cycling?  There’s a club for that.  Like scrap-booking?  There’s a club for that.  Like bow ties?  There’s a club for that.  Fo’ real.  And of course, there’s the Target Relocation Network – a dedicated group of team members who coordinate events inside + outside the office to help form new connections.  Anyone who has less than 18 months with TGT is automatically on the list.

I double-dipped on my Relocation invites last week: I signed up for my first New Hire Scramble (where groups of newbies are randomly assigned or “scrambled” to meet up for coffee, lunch, etc.) and checked out a Speed Networking happy hour.  Both were great low-pressure ways to meet new people outside my world of small appliances and merchandising.  And don’t worry … you don’t have to be an extrovert to like these events – you’ll find that fast | fun | friendly comes in all different forms … not just loud + chatty, like … uh, me. 🙂  All you have to say is “Hello, my name is…” and you’ll quickly see that no matter what your background or hometown is … an FFF personality is always a common thread.


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  • chungy

    May 10th, 2012

    It’s only a matter of time before the Minneapolis Board of Tourism (is there such a thing) tries to scoop you up to represent your views on your fabulous new city to the outside world. Glad to hear how much (too much??) you love MNPLS!

  • Pei

    May 10th, 2012

    Hahaha. You should totally be recruited for the Minneapolis Tourism Bureau or whatever it is called. And you are definitely the right women for this Target Blog. I love reading all about your new life in Minne and your fab gig. I just dropped mondo $$ today at Tar-jay, because of the great work you and your teammates are doing. Love The Shops! 🙂

    I am so glad it’s going well and can’t wait to read more. And visit Minneapolis again to see you and to take advantage of NO SALES TAX!

  • Ryan

    May 15th, 2012

    You just made me really glad that I live here.


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