change is always consistent at the distribution center

If you asked me what a typical day would look like for a group leader, I would not have an answer for you because each day is so different! That is one of the reasons why I really love to work at the distribution center. The overall goal for the day is always the same, but there are definitely some surprises. When I first started in this role, I would print my calendar for the day. After about the third week here, I was constantly making changes, crossing out meetings, and shifting priorities based on what the day would bring.

Yesterday was a great example as to why I have started saving paper and stopped printing my calendar.  It was a humid morning and we were expecting some thunderstorms. Before the shift started at about 5:30 a.m., I was planning on focusing on the team’s performance for the day by making observations and sharing ways to improve with my team members, as well as work on some projects. As I was talking with a team member at 7 a.m. about how the day is going, I received three calls over the radio.

Warehousing team member: “Julia, there is a leak in the ceiling from the rain and some product is getting wet in aisle 711.”

Warehousing group leader: “Julia, I want to touch base with you about the performance of a team member on your team.”

Packing team member: “Julia, I have a safety incident that I need to talk with you about.”

Within 10 minutes, my plan for the day had changed completely from what I was expecting. I followed up on the safety incident first, and then checked out where the water was leaking. Luckily we caught it early enough and the product was not damaged by the water. Next, I followed up on the performance of the team member that was working in warehousing. After completing all the other tasks for the day, it was almost 4 p.m. It was already time to start gathering information to share with the second shift at handoff.

Days like yesterday are my favorite days at the distribution center. I didn’t necessarily check off all of  my items on my to do list like I had originally thought before the shift started, but I definitely felt accomplished as I left for the day!

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