A day in the life

Looking for some high-level examples of what a day in the life of a Target leader may look like?  Read on.

Six Months Ago:

–Up at 6 a.m., jump in the shower, and off to work!

–Enter the office at 7 a.m. and create a plan for yourself and three direct reports (team members)

–Utilize the latest camera technology, computer reporting, and law enforcement partnerships to protect Target’s assets.

–Facilitate an ”in-stock” store by making real-life, fast-paced decisions that prevent Target merchandise from leaving the store through unauthorized means.

–Ensure the safety and security of the building, Target team members and guests by leveraging a variety of internal and external partners.

–Communicate directly with a global audience, using operational knowledge and peer relationships to drive for results.


–Up at 3 a.m., jump in the shower, and off to work!

–Hit the sales floor at 5 a.m., prepared to lead a team of 25-30 team members in “flowing a truck”

–Promote a FFF (<– remember this?) environment as you strive to motivate your large and diverse team to meet actionable timelines.

–Facilitate an “in-stock” store by driving accurate processes, procedures and “Best Practices” to ensure that product is available for all Target guests when they require it most.

–Partner with a talented group of Team Leaders to provide recognition, feedback and development opportunities to a large number of team members spanning multiple teams across your store.

Perhaps you’re confused by the “Six months ago” and “Today” headings?  Over the last six months, I’ve had the opportunity to move from one heart-pumping, adrenaline-fueled position (Assets Protection) to another equally rewarding position (Logistics).  While some of the “core roles” described in each of the above positions may sound drastically different, each will allow you to manage a critical component of a multi-million dollar business while building an environment of teamwork and development with a focus on one mutual goal: providing service at a value to the guests and communities that Target serves!

For someone as excitable and ambitious as myself, it’s motivating to know that I work for a company that will provide me with the opportunity to acquire drastically different skill sets every 18 months.  Most recently I had the opportunity to move from Assets Protection (a job involving actual handcuffs at times!) in a high-volume store to Logistics (with a team of 40+) in a low-volume store.  The change of pace serves to motivate, while developing me to reach higher achievements.  How high, you might ask?  The sky is the limit!

Are you ready to try something new?  I thought so!


As promised, a continuation of your ever-developing Target-jargon training (hope you have a good memory!):

Core Roles = Fundamental goals and expectations required for success; specific for each role.

Best Practice = Pre-defined process or procedure to ensure programs are executed in the most efficient/mutually beneficial manner.

In-stock = (simple) Keeping the shelves full!

Safe & Secure = Ensuring the health and well-being of Target’s greatest asset – the team!

Flowing a Truck = Process of unloading a truck from the Distribution Center (DC) to fulfill our core role of maintaining in-stocks!

DC = See above!

Interested in a store management role at Target? Learn more and apply for openings here.

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  1. Great comments! Thanks for the “target-jargon” update. I am in backroom logistics and enjoy the FFF pace,

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