The ABC’s of Target Pharmacy: E is for Education

Because Target pharmacists give immunizations, we are required to be CPR certified.  We renew this certification every two years, and my renewal date came up this month.  So off to one of the Fort Worth Target stores I went after completing an online course and test.  Thankfully, the whole certification is all set up and paid for by Target, so all I have to do is show up and prove my “abilities.”  Thanks to Kevin, pictured above, for demonstrating proper technique.  Hopefully, we won’t ever to have to use our knowledge in a real life situation.

Pharmacists are also required to get a certain number of continuing education hours, depending on the state.  Texas requires thirty hours every two years.  I end up getting most of my hours through Pharmacist’s Letter, an excellent publication that gives lots of information about medications.  Pharmacist’s Letter is one of my favorite resources for staying current because it is completely unbiased publication that does not take money from any drug companies.  Their continuing education normally costs $30 per year, but Target picks up this cost for all of their pharmacists.  It’s just another benefit of working for this awesome company!

Interested in a healthcare career with Target? Search and apply for opportunities here.

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  1. Monica, I am an Illinois pharmacist team lead that has been applying to Target. I read your entire blog. What a great way to get an idea of what it is like to work for Target! They have some amazing ideas; it makes me want to work for them even more. We talk of possibly moving to Texas in two years–maybe I will get to meet you. You remind me of how I feel about retail pharmacy and I appproached immunizing similarly to you, never imagined doing it!! But I love it.

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