Fast, Fun and Fifty at T-551… the planning begins!

It was 50 years ago that Target opened its doors at T-1 in Roseville, MN. The product that filled that store for the first guests came from our Distribution Center, T-551! This marks a huge milestone for our building and we are excited to be planning a special celebration to recognize our success. We have so much history at our building and we will be giving team members an opportunity to share their favorite memories about Target during our celebration in a few weeks.

We currently have 3 posters circulating where team members are adding inspirations on different themes about Target. The themes include “The 50 things I love about Target,” “What does your crystal ball say?” (predictions for the future 50 years), and “Remember the good times” (favorite memories). Team members and leaders are starting to add things to these posters. Some of the responses for the things the team members love about Target include “the 10% discount,” “team member culture ”and“ the PFresh Target stores” (our general merchandise stores that also have groceries). Our team members are also planning for the celebration by bringing in t-shirts, pictures, and other memorabilia from the past years at the Distribution Center that we will display during our celebration.

Think about the amount of knowledge and experience that our team has accumulated over the last 50 years! We are really lucky to have such a tenured team to be able to bounce new ideas off of, get feedback on process changes, and get new ideas on better ways to do things.

Because of the amount of experience our team has, we are a Distribution Center that is has been used for several pilots and other special projects because we know our team members will give great feedback and insights. An example was a test we completed in our outbound department by loading trailers a different way to help support our new City Target stores. We anticipate some trailer unloading challenges at our City Target locations and our team tested a new way of loading trailers using carts to limit the amount of time it will take those stores to unload the trailers. Our experienced team was able to provide data and feedback on this process to help make efficient deliveries to City Target stores.

We are so excited to celebrate all of the great things the Distribution Center and team have accomplished in the last 50 years and we are looking forward to what the next 50 years has to bring!

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  • GG

    May 29th, 2012

    Thanks for posting this, it’s awesome to see how instrumental the distribution centers are to delivering products for our guests…..and the role 551 has played and continues to play….nice post


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