All About the Target Internship

Now that I have introduced you to the Target culture just a wee bit, I thought I would give you a more detailed description about my start at Target: the internship program. The fall of my junior year, I heard about the Target internship program through my university. There were positions open in almost every department at Target (including the distribution centers, stores and headquarters), and I heard that it was a great way to test the company out, so I decided to apply. I went through my school’s application process and ended up with an on-campus interview. Not too long after, I got a call inviting me to partake in their summer internship program.  I was so happy!!

The internship program is a ten week program. The general outline is 2 weeks of fairly intense training on business systems, Target’s corporate culture and different documents and terminology we should be familiar with. You are then given the project you will be working on throughout the remainder of the summer with the help of a mentor on your team. A lot of the projects in my department involved creating different macros or procedures that would simplify everyday processes for business analysts. The thing is, business analysts  ACTUALLY use the tools that the interns come up with! This is not your typical internship, and it is not just busy work. Target loves having extra hands on deck to get fresh ideas and simplified processes, and the point of your internship should be to “be missed” once you leave.

My individual project involved a competitive analysis on shoes, and how our product assortment, in-store navigation and merchandising layout compared with that of our competitors. At the end of the ninth week, I gave a presentation to my whole team and some of the senior leaders in the company. I was the expert on my project and it was my chance to shine and stand out. It was a nerve wracking experience, but I learned so much and enjoyed being able to answer questions that my team was genuinely interested in.

The tenth week focuses on exposing you more to the Business Analyst role. You get time to sit with your mentor and watch all of the tasks they do, and learn how to do some of them yourself. This shadowing is the perfect opportunity to see if the role is something you’d want to do. After the summer is up, you sit down with your mentor and manager and discuss how the last ten weeks went. If they think you would be a good fit, you get the job offer! This internship is consistently one of the top ranked in the country, and if you want to spend a summer learning about business, making new friends and working on a project to be proud of, this is the internship for you.

*The picture is of me and two of my close friends who I met while interning

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