The ABC’s of Target Pharmacy: C is for Community

Being from a small town in the Texas Panhandle, I grew up with a strong sense of community.  It was the kind of town where you knew everyone and couldn’t get away with much mischief without word getting back to your parents quickly.  If I was mean to my art teacher, my mother had already heard about it by the time she picked me up from school.

It was because of this strong background that I feel like Target is a great fit for me now.  I work at a location that is less than three miles from home, so I end up running into lots of guests at the oddest places:  my kids’ swim class, in line at the post office, on an airplane, and lots of times at local restaurants.

One of the best “Hey, I know you!” moments was Meet The Teacher night at my daughter’s school.  I was thrilled when I found out Ms. “M” was her teacher.  After all, Ms. “M” and I had known each other from the pharmacy way before my daughter was even born.  Now, she is no longer just a guest at my store but has become a great friend!

Whenever I run into someone I know from the pharmacy, it’s always a relief to hear that they love us and tell all their friends about us.  If they hadn’t been treated so well, it could turn out to be quite embarrassing, kind of like my parents finding out I had been mean to my teacher.

I love living in the big city but having a small town feel at work.  As a teenager, it was a treat to go to the nearest Target, 90 miles away.  Now, I get to treat myself everyday!

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