target fundamentals: rec·og·ni·tion [ rèkəg nísh’n ]

Let’s play twenty-questions:

When was the last time a colleague or employer took the opportunity to say “thank you” for a job well done?  How about the last time you returned the favor?  Would you be surprised if I told you that “thank you’s” are a key part of what makes Target a Fast, Fun, and Friendly (FFF) place to work, as well as a workplace where team members are valued for any number of various contributions?  At Target, we refer to these “thank you’s” as recognition.  For those who are unfamiliar, I wish you more recognition in your immediate future—the definition is as follows:

recognition (n)

  1. appreciation: appreciation of the value of an achievement

Recognition is just that—appreciation of an achievement, regardless of the complexity!  During the course of a given day, team members are recognized multiple times for achievements such as assisting guests by asking “Can I Help You Find Something?” (CIHYFS?), assisting fellow team members with tasks on the floor, and driving safe behaviors among peers and guests.  By taking the time to provide verbal or written recognition to the team, leaders are able to promote productive and (more importantly) FFF behaviors on a store level.  While verbal recognition is somewhat self-explanatory, written recognition is delivered using Great Team Cards (GTCs).  GTCs are small pieces of paper through which the writer recognizes a co-worker for superior performance, at which time it is placed on a display board for the individual to view/remove.  A favorite activity among Target team members is searching for GTCs that have been written to them as they pass by the board—I’m guilty myself!  The board is a great way to reinforce positive behaviors while showing appreciation for your team and the value they provide!

Our store recently had the opportunity to recognize the store team on a ‘global’ (store-wide) level for driving team safety throughout the store.  The celebration was complete with food and drinks, including the incredible Target-baked cake shown in the picture above.  The focus of the celebration was placed on increased wins from the team in regards to driving team and guest safety, as measured by ‘incident free’ days and safe behaviors.  Celebrating these does an excellent job of displaying our store’s commitment to safety, as well as rewarding the team for driving personal wellness initiatives.  Needless to say, food is always a welcome incentive for the team!  As myself and my peer leaders continue to challenge the store to achieve higher safety goals, we’ll most definitely find ourselves raising the stakes in regards to the incentives!  Tacos?  Wings?  Possibly something other than food (crazy, I know!)?  The sky is the limit with an asset as great as my team!

Does any of this sound appealing?  Could you use more recognition in your life (of course!)?  Welcome to Target, where you can ‘have your cake and eat it too!’


As you may have read elsewhere, Target lingo can be a bit difficult to discern at times…  No worries!  I will continue to share what I know, and summarize as follows:

FFF = Fast, Fun, and Friendly (our culture at Target)

CIHYFS? = Can I Help You Find Something?

GTC = Great Team Card

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  1. This is a great insight into Target’s recognition program. I love Target’s focus on the importance of appreciation

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