No Excuses Not to Be Healthy

Our well-being challenge was just our first step to focus on our health as a team. There are so many resources available at the distribution center to help support our health.

One of the incentives to winning the well-being challenge was a free membership to our in-house fitness center for one year! Unfortunately our Team Spice Girls finished in 4th place, but we still do have the opportunity that many of our team members take advantage of: a low cost fitness center membership. The fitness center is located near the front of the building and has treadmills, weights, and everything else that a typical fitness center has to offer, but for much less! This is just one of the many resources available to our team to help us improve our health well-being.

Recently, our vending machines have begun to offer additional healthy food choices. In the vending machines, these healthier choices have a smiley face sticker next to them to let you know they are the better choice. I think this helps me when I’m in a rush to grab a snack to think twice about what I’m going to choose.  There are also more juice options in addition to the variety of pop that used to dominate most of the vending machine.

Lastly, we have information posted around the distribution center that provides the nutrition facts for some healthy snack options. The poster in the picture compares the number of calories in regular Cheetos versus Baked Cheetos. It also shows some other healthy snacks such as sugar-free pudding, popcorn, and granola bars. This poster is conveniently located right next to the fitness center for the team to read as they pass by.

The fitness center, vending machine options, and additional nutritional information are just a few of the ways our health well-being is supported every day. As much as I would love to have some real Cheetos, I do truly believe the baked ones (right above the smiley face sticker in the vending machine) taste just as good and they don’t contain any guilt!

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  1. I totaly agree. That poster has helped me make better choices on a regular basis as well. Whoever made it is really talented. 🙂 Great post Julia, WB is the way of the future!

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