2012 AABC Black History Celebration

Check out the below story from my friend and peer, Sterling, who is part of the African American Business Council (Employee Resource Group) at Target!

History is happening all around us. It may not be readily apparent in the moment but it is indeed happening. Our ideas and dreams today hold value that frequently isn’t realized until much later on. Granted we may not be making any ground breaking discoveries or sending out emails that will change the world today but somehow and in some way we make a difference every day. While helping plan for the 2012 AABC Black History Celebration I couldn’t help but feel like there needed to be a way to recognize the history happening before our eyes. Aligning to this year’s celebration of Target’s 50th anniversary, the idea of telling our Target team members’ story during Black History Month was born.

While recognizing the historical contributions from all periods in time is key it is also still important to recognize the legacy being built by our Target team members here in the present. For our “Telling Our Story” brown bag lunch we were fortunate enough to have several team members from  various departments share their unique stories on how they have made an impact to Target’s history. From developing entire marketing strategies from scratch, leading Target’s crisis response during one of the worst natural disasters in history, creating a first-of-its-kind metrics tool, or developing a strategy that posted record breaking sales, our team members are making history every single day even if it’s not seen by the masses. It was pretty amazing to hear how each team member has made a mark in the legacy of Target in their own way. The brown bag lunch was a great success for both the audience and the panelists and I hope that it becomes an annual event that celebrates not only Black History but Target History as well.

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